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January 27, 2005

Reality is stranger than fiction

Washington Post, Jan 19, 2001

But Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White delivered key testimony against Ashcroft. White said Ashcroft, when he was a senator from Missouri, "seriously distorted" the jurist's record to block his federal judgeship for what Senate Democrats said were political reasons.

"The question for the Senate is whether these misrepresentations are consistent with the fair play and justice you all would require of the U.S. attorney general," White testified.

Ashcroft was seeking re-election in 1999 when he persuaded GOP colleagues to vote down White in the first full-Senate defeat of a district court nominee in 40 years. He called White "pro-criminal" and opposed to the death penalty.

Now White's case is a rallying cry for Democrats and civil rights groups opposed to Ashcroft's confirmation. White was Missouri's first black judge.

In other words, Democrats has a big hissy fit because Ashcroft dared to question the qualification of an obviously unqualified judicial candidate, who also happened to be Black. Because he was Black, the Democrats screamed racism.

Fast forward to this week...

“Former” Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Bird leads the opposition to the nomination of an eminently qualified woman to be Secretary of State. Oh, and she happens to also be Black.

It almost sounds like some really badly written movie, doesn't it.

Further reading: Transcripts of Ashcroft's confirmation hearing, Outside the Beltway

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 27, 2005 08:37 AM

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