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January 14, 2005

So what if he offended some wackos!!

The Associated Press reports that Bush has "expressed misgivings" about telling the terrorists to "bring it on" and saying we'd get bin Laden "Dead or Alive". That's just pitiful. One of the thing most Americans like about Bush is his plain spokenness. The only people that had a problem with him saying that, were the prune-faced, eggheads who criticize America and call it "patriotism". If ya ask me, right about now we need a president that's not afraid to say what he thinks, and be bold. Terrorists want to blow us up -- well, let them try their best, because we can whoop the snot outta all of 'em as long as we quit listening to the whiners. Why do you think no terrorist has tried high-jacking any planes since 9/11 -- our laughable airport security? No, it's because they know that the passengers would beat them into a smelly, greasy pile of terrorist ick the first sign that they were trying anything. Every one of us has had that "Bring It On" attitude since 9/11 -- with the exception of the America-hating wimps that still think it's our fault, and who the heck cares what they think anyway.

If Bush has anything to apologize for, it's for apologizing for being as strong as we should have been all along, and not being proud of saying what the vast majority of Americans feel.

(For a really good take on this, you have to read what Drew Carey said a few years back)

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 14, 2005 07:19 AM

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