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January 06, 2005

Stay-at-home parents

Once again I seem to have become embroiled in the conflict between stay-at-home parents (like me) at those who both work. The issue involves a conflict most people try to ignore: If a parent at home is of significant value, then those who work without a real necessity are choosing added income over something their child needs. On the other hand if a parent at home is not of significant value then those who stay at home are wasting their lives doing something that any minimum-wage, day-care worker can do. The two are mutually incompatible, yet two parents who both work will pretend that it somehow isn't and that they aren't depriving their children, nor belittling the efforts of stay-at-home parents. Stay-at-home parents are then caught in the conundrum of offending working parents anytime they mention their decision, and the motivation behind it.

Post Modernism, which was been covertly taught at government schools for quite some time now, teaches that two mutually exclusive concepts can each be equally true. Reality says different, but then government school pay little heed to reality anyway. So we're left with the need for stay-at-home parents to keep mum about the motivation behind their decision lest they offend the tender sensibilites of those who've chosen a bigger car and a nicer house over their children's well-being. Meanwhile we stay-at-home parents must quietly wear the badge of "Loser" since we've dedicated our lives to something deemed unecessary. If we dare to espouse our views, we are roundly condemned and criticized as being judgmental (irony alert: condemnation and criticism and the same thing as judging).

So while the crime rate escalates, government schools become shooting galleries and teenage drug abuse and promiscuity sky rockets, we must pretend that it has nothing at all to do with the idea that paying someone minumum wage to raise your kids might not be the best way to ensure they grow up right.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 6, 2005 07:09 AM

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