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January 22, 2005

Straight from the Dem Lib Handbook

Let's say you want to do something most people would find outrageous, but in the end you want to get away with it. Well, first of all you'll need to be subtle, at least at first. Then you'll need to be prepared to counter any opposition in such a way as to silence most of it until it's probably way too late. How would you do that? Well, you make sure that when they do complain, you can twist what they say into the most asinine way possible so they look so silly all the media quote your distortion rather than what they've actually said. Then after everyone's finished laughing at them, no one will dare protest you, and you can slowly remove the subtlety.

The latest example? "James Dobson says Spongebob is gay!!!" The Main Stream Leftist Media picked it up, but sadly so did many on the right. Newsmax falls for it. Michelle Malkin falls for it. Some can't resist the sensationalistic approach of some preacher criticizing a cartoon character. Some simply don't bother to follow the facts. The left cast the story as Dobson, a extremist religious nut claiming the ever popular Sponge Bob Square pants is a homosexual. They'll toss in a few details, but then load the story with criticism from other leftists who ignore the facts.

What are the facts? Glad you asked:
•The "We are Family" Foundation made a video that included many cartoon characters, including Sponge Bob Square pants.
•Neither James Dobson of Focus on the Family nor Don Wildman of the American Family Association singled out Sponge Bob Squarepants in their objection to the video. (Remember the way you belittle your critics?)
•The "We are Family" Foundation is a pro-homosexual organization which stresses that viewing homosexuality as immoral is bad. In other words, they are intolerant of Conservative Christians, Jews and Moslems.
•WAFF does have material that blatantly promotes homosexuality. Writing for Change: Raising Awareness of Difference, Power, & Discrimination, Talking About Being "Out" and Uncovering Attitudes About Sexual Orientation. Also under Rating your Behavior several of the items listed suggesting they are positive behavior are: Challenge friends expressing a gender stereotype, Recognize compulsory heterosexuality in the media, Examine your own level of comfort around issues of sexual orientation and sexual practices.

So now that they've succeeded in conning even some conservatives into joining their laughter at Dobson and Wildman, they can surge on to do even more to indoctrinate children. A review of the new Sponge Bob movie give lots of insights into what that may be.

UPDATE: The We Are Family people decided to try to hide the truth by removing the pages referenced from their web site. By having visited them I still had copies of 2 of the 3 pdf files in my browser cache. You can view them here and here. I also have copies of the web pages referenced, but the pdf file are the most volatile.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 22, 2005 10:27 AM

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Amen brother! Good analysis without all the name calling the leftists like to do.

Posted by: Stacy L. Harp at January 24, 2005 05:58 PM

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