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January 07, 2005

Teenager arrested for "quoting the Bible"

WorldNetDaily follows up on an earlier story about four people arrested and charged with the heinous crime of quoting the Bible to note that another participant, a 17-year old girl is also being charged but in the juvenile system.

While most of the media have focused on the four adult Christians arrested last year for protesting a homosexual event in Philadelphia, there also is a teenage girl who faces criminal charges for her participation.

Lauren Murch is one of the 11 Christians who were arrested on Oct. 10.

. . .

Lauren, 17, also was ordered to stand trial, but in the juvenile justice system. She faces the same eight counts.

The girl's father, Bruce Evan Murch, says the media and others have effectively left Lauren out of the story by referring to the group as the "Philadelphia 4," even though she, also, faces charges. Murch says the group's local attorneys have not communicated well with him as Lauren missed the December hearing because she knew nothing about it.

Even now, Murch says he is unsure what date Lauren's trial will occur.

"I have nine children, seven boys and two girls from age 6 to 21, all living at home," Murch told WND. "They were all born at home and schooled at home. We got involved in activism in 1989 when I founded an Operation Rescue group. My children have done street ministry with me virtually all of their lives."

Murch has a website entitled Full Quiver Mission.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 7, 2005 08:59 AM

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