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January 29, 2005

The fires of Molech burn on

From ever so compassionate Europe:

Darren Wyatt, 33, and his wife, Debbie, 23, had gone to the High Court to try to lift an order allowing doctors not to resuscitate 15-month-old Charlotte if she stops breathing.

They argued that her condition had significantly improved since October, when Mr Justice Hedley made the ruling, and asked for it to be temporarily lifted while independent medical experts reassessed the child's chances of survival. The judge granted the Wyatts permission to conduct an investigation into their daughter's condition and ruled that there should be a hearing before Easter to review the new independent medical reports.

What a bunch of sickos. The courts and the "doctors" want to murder this baby by withholding medical care if she stops breathing again. Since England has socialized medicine, this is a good example of what that kind of system leads to -- legally sanctioned murder to keep medical costs down.

Meanwhile in the good ole US of A:

A Houston judge has ruled that Texas Children's Hospital can't remove a baby from life support even though doctors say he is suffering a slow death...

The baby's mother said she was pleased by the decision.

"I choose life and I love my son," said Wanda Hudson. "When I see him he looks like a normal child so he just needs to finish growing and developing. He has his arms, his legs, his eyes, ears, nose, everything."

"There is a chance the baby will survive," said Mario Cabellero, Hudson's attorney. "And as long as there's a chance, the hospital ought to give him an opportunity to live."

Of course we still have Terri Schiavo to explain.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 29, 2005 01:37 PM

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