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January 05, 2005

The real Terri Shiavo

Attorney Barbara Weller has a very moving account of her visit with Terri Shiavo, the woman who was left mysteriously brain damaged decades ago, and whose husband initially won a large amount in a malpractice suit (claiming it would be expensive to take care of her) then, as soon as he had the money, tried to claim she was brain dead and have her killed. The judge, that seems to be at the center of the controversy, publicly elected Florida Circuit Judge George Greer, and who refuses to recuse himself since he has shown incredible bias against Terri (and who apparently is brain-dead himself) continues to allow Terri's husband, Micheal Shiavo (who is now living with another woman who has had several of his children) almost complete control over Terri.

Anyway, after all the back and forth of "professional" testimony by "doctors" who are euthenasia activists claiming Terri is a vegetable and Terri's parents who describe her activities (they are not allow to video tape Terri since they release the video on the internet, and it's really hard to tell people someone's a vegetable when they can see themselves they aren't) ... it's good to have someone else offer some information.

I have no doubt that Terri's "husband" will now move to ensure that no other outside witnesses are allowed to see Terri, so he can continue the deception.

See also: http://www.terrisfight.org/, http://www.fight4terri.blogspot.com/,

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 5, 2005 04:56 AM

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