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January 26, 2005

The Secular State?

Cox&Forkum have a new
cartoon out. I usually like the stuff they do, but I have to nit pick this one. It’s too easy for people to toss out terms like Theocracy and secularism and patently good or bad concepts. There have been examples of good Theocracies, which provided more freedom and security than our modern “democracies” do, and secularism isn’t a form of government. Strictly speaking it’s the rejection or absence of religion.

In my opinion we have way too much secularism in America today. We have people that demand their “freedom from religion” which is a code phrase used to deny others their freedom of religion. Extremists Moslems seem to see religion not as something to follow, but as a convenient tool for imposing their will. That’s not Islam -- it’s not even religion. When the concepts of a Theocracy, religion, even Islam in general are wrapped together as part and parcel of the actions of extremists like Al Quada, we run the risk of creating more victims out of the innocent.

Posted by Jack Lewis at January 26, 2005 05:28 AM

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