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February 24, 2005

A peek at one of tomorrow's leaders

From WTOL-TV, Toledo:

13-year-old Spencer Genson is outraged that evolution can be taught in schools, but not creationism. He thinks both should be addressed. "I believe my rights as a United States citizen are being violated by these teachings," Genson said to the Toledo School Board. Genson is outraged that evolution is being taught in Toledo Public Schools, without at least the acknowledgement of creationism. "I have a bible and when I read my bible it tells me that I'm a descendant from Adam and Eve, but when I read my curriculum in school it tells me that I come from a monkey."

Genson, an honors student at Leverette Junior High, says the first amendment of the Constitution allows him the right to free speech -- then noted references to God in the Pledge of Allegiance said before each board meeting. "If a lot of us believe in God then why isn't Christianity taught in the public school system. We are reading in social studies about Hinduism and Buddhism, but I don't hear a thing about Christianity," said Genson.

Genson says both evolution and creationism should be taught. And if that's not possible, then students should be able to opt out of the evolution portion of the science class. "Maybe go out in the hall and write a paper about your religion, or why you think evolution is wrong," said Genson.

Genson showed News 11 a petition signed by classmates, teachers and a police officer at school in support of this idea. The TPS board said Spencer makes them proud. President Larry Sykes said "He's showing how resourceful he is and how articulate and intellectual." And they are taking his concerns very seriously. "I was very impressed that he was a 13-year-old 7th grader that is very concerned about the way a subject matter is being taught in school," said Sykes.

Just wait for it...the Secularists won't tolerate dissent like that. I imagine some employees who signed the petition are more than likely already being called in for discrete talks about encouraging trouble makers. The last paragraph of the stories says a lot:

Genson did participate in the evolution portion of his science class over the last few weeks, because his teacher said if he didn't, he'd get a zero. He wants to keep good grades, so he can go to college at either Oxford or Harvard.

The Evolutionist zealots will not give up their strangle-hold on government schools without a serious fight, and they fight dirty.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 24, 2005 11:00 AM

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