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February 08, 2005

“Cease fire” observed, for now

A “cease fire” is in effect while Israeli and Palestinian leader meet and discuss ending the violence.

I'm not holding my breath. Abbas is currently the president of the fictional nation of Palestine, but that's only until some nut-case kills him for daring to attempt peace. To his credit Abbas doesn't seem to be pulling the “we'll talk peace while our un-official terrorist wing kills more Israeli children” scam that Arafat was so fond of. But the last Middle East leader that made peace with Israel, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated for doing it.

The problem is that Palestine is a fictional place. It never existed as a nation. The area now known as Israel and Jordan was called Palestine before WWII. After the war Jews began returning to the Holy Land, and to avoid violence, the land was divided, one gimongous part for the Arabs (quickly taken from the natives by the minority leadership of the Hashemites) a buffer zone and a tiny strip for the Jews, close to the Mediterranean, because that's where the Moslems intended to drive them into. Due to the military disadvantage the “buffer zone” left them with, the Israelis took it after being attacked by her neighbors. With any other nation, land taken to secure stability, from a neighboring country that initiated the attack would be considered fair game. But Israel has to operate by different rules.

As long as the Palestinians who blow children up are treated as “freedom fighters” and the Israelis who try to protect their families from them are called “terrorists” the real terrorists will have no incentive to stop their stupidity. When you excuse bad behavior, you empower bad behavior, and thus the Liberal “peace” movement is a vital part of the terrorist support network.

If Abbas actually succeeds in reaching an agreement with Israel I'll be impressed, but I wouldn't expect him to live much longer after it.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 8, 2005 08:17 AM

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