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February 15, 2005

...and if that wasn't bad enough

From AgapePress:

A Virginia legislator is expressing outrage over a public high school play in which two male students engaged in a homosexual kiss onstage.

The play performed at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn was called Postcards from Paradise and featured a high school football star who supposedly discovers he is homosexual. In his final lines, the male actor asks the audience, "Am I a little too much like you for your own comfort? Do you hate me because you see a little of me hiding in you?"

Delegate Dick Black of Loudon is angered that the Loudon County School District approved the play. He feels schools should not be producing plays that involve or imply any kind of sexual activity, much less "the standard homosexual propaganda" to be found in Postcards from Paradise.

Stone Bridge High Principal Jim Person defended the play:

“This series of one-act plays was meant to provide a learning experience by letting students stage works of their own creation,”

But two District Supervisors Mick Staton and Eugene Delgaudio objected to the play:

“Tell the Loudoun County School Board that as a taxpayer, you believe it is inappropriate to promote homosexuality in our public schools,” Delgaudio wrote.

“This was an attempt at shock value, and by addressing the audience in this manner, it crosses the line of discussion into advocacy. Parents were not only offended at the shock value of this kiss, but also for the fact that it was implied that everyone in the audience was secretly hiding homosexual feelings,” Staton wrote. “What also disturbs me is that this play was obviously approved by the faculty at Stone Bridge, which makes me question what other kinds of practices are being condoned in our public schools.”

I got tired of actually numbering the reasons I homeschool my kids, there are just too many of them.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 15, 2005 09:14 AM

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