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February 16, 2005

And now for some local news

Tulsa blogger Michael Bates of BatesLine is being threatened by Tulsa's severely-left-leaning paper. In all honesty I really don't pay that much attention to local politics even though I ran for State Senate several years ago. I now live in nearby Catoosa (sort of a small suburb of Tulsa) and have been hearing bits and pieces of the mess with the Tulsa City Council, mostly from David Arnett's online paper Tulsa Today. BatesLine has been reporting on it as well, and has apparently raised the ire of those in power at the Tulsa World (or Whirled as Bates phrases it).

The part that concerns so many bloggers is the idea of someone trying to intimidate a blogger into staying quiet on an issue. There are a couple of good sources outlining the basic of the Fair Use doctrine, one at Nerf-Coated Word, and another at about.com. WizBang's already sent a letter to the editor of the TW -- a humorous idea to us locals who understand the naiveté of such a noble, albeit useless effort -- but the sentiment is appreciated, nonetheless.

These local power mongers like to strut and make noise, because more often than not so many locals can be intimidated by stuff like that. I think we bloggers, especially the news/political kind, are beyond being swayed by such juvenile hijinks. I also have a feeling BatesLine will be devoting even more attention to the very issue the TW tried to bully him into shutting up about. I know I'm thinking of altering my usual coverage from strictly national/international news, to do so.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin who got it from Ace of Spades
Coverage: Outside the Beltway

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 16, 2005 10:08 AM

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