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February 22, 2005

As if they don't have enough to bother about already

From the New York Post:

An American soldier overseas is fuming over letters he received from Brooklyn middle-school children accusing GIs of destroying mosques and killing civilians in Iraq.

Pfc. Rob Jacobs of New Jersey said he was initially ecstatic to get a package of letters from sixth-graders at JHS 51 in Park Slope last month at his base 10 miles from the North Korea border.

That changed when he opened the envelope and found missives strewn with politically charged rhetoric, vicious accusations and demoralizing predictions that only a handful of soldiers would leave the Iraq war alive.

"It's hard enough for soldiers to deal with being away from their families, they don't need to be getting letters like this," Jacobs, 20, said in a phone interview from his base at Camp Casey.

As I blogged last Friday, this is a horrible way for our tax dollars to be spent. The government takes our money to pay the salaries of these teachers, who turn right around and teach our kids to hate America and despise the very people risking their lives to defend her.

Maybe superintendent Alison Sheehan, (718) 935-3686, would like to hear your opinion about how they spend taxpayers' money. I bet Principal Xavier Castelli, (718) 369-7603 and Parent Coordinator, Audrey Komaroff, (347) 563-5371, would as well. Y'know, I'd think Regional Superintendent Marcia Lyles, (718) 935-3900 would like to hear from you, too.

The NYP goes on to say:

The JHS 51 teacher, Alex Kunhardt, did not return phone calls, but the school principal, Xavier Costello, responded with a statement:

"While we would never censor anything that our children write, we sincerely apologize for forwarding letters that were in any way inappropriate to Pfc. Jacobs. This assignment was not intended to be insensitive, but to be supportive of the men and women in service to our nation."

Right, sixth-graders take it on themselves to rag on soldiers without any prompting from their teacher.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 22, 2005 11:53 AM

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