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February 01, 2005

...But here the catch...

So all during the election Kerry kept lying, saying he'd released all of his military records. The truth was he hadn't. All he had to do was sign form 180 allowing the government to release all of them, and they'd be made public. Chris Matthews of Hardball cornered him on the issue and Kerry finally agreed to sign the form -- but -- he wants all the Swift Vet members to sign it, too.

Kerry has manage to keep from being tried for treason in spite of the public way in which he committed treason, so he knows he can weather the storm of what ever is in those records as far as his Senate career. Really, Massachusetts keeps re-electing Teddy Kennedy, so why would those wankers care. But the Swift Vets have already been the victims of attacks for their actions. One lost his job. Others have been falsely accused of all kinds of things. Sinclar Broadcasting which attempted to broadcast one of the documentaries exposing Kerry's past, has also been under assault for daring to expose the truth.

What liars and traitors do with the truth is shameful, and when they can manage to get their hands of raw data, kept secure for a reason, they can trash a person's life. With Kerry the truth was only what was wanted. He himself provided more than enough evidence of his fabrications. But with the Swift Vets, who aren't running for office, demanding they expose themselves to the ravaged of the Democrat's Scorched Earth Brigade is just plain stupid. I understand that one of the Swift Vets is considering a run for office, and of course in that case he should release his records, if he hasn't already.

Understand now that Kerry has simply “said” he'd release his records. I'm not holding my breath waiting for him to actually do it.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 1, 2005 08:02 AM

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