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February 14, 2005

Christians being censored

Also from AgapePress:

The United States Department of Justice is weighing in on a case of anti-Christian censorship at a Michigan public school.

Last June the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sued the Saginaw School District on behalf of Joel Curry, a student at Handley School. School officials had barred Curry from attaching a religious message to the candy cane Christmas ornaments he had created for distribution to classmates as part of a classroom project. ADF contends the district impinged upon the child's First Amendment freedoms by prohibiting his religious expression.

Attached to Curry's homemade ornaments was a message explaining a popular account of the religious origin of the candy cane. Officials at the school made him remove the messages from the Christmas ornaments before he was allowed to distribute them. The ADF attorneys argue that this censorship of the student's message clearly violated his constitutional rights.

Now the U.S. Justice Department has written a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Curry. ADF attorney Josh Carden says the move is noteworthy because the federal agency rarely gets involved in a private or constitutional lawsuit. "The fact that they have chosen to intervene on the student's behalf in this," he remarks, "is a very telling indicator that this case is seen as having some national implications for students and their right to communicate their religious viewpoint while they're at school."

Why must this battle be fought again and again? Why is blatant discrimination against Christians the only kind that seems to be tolerated? The DOJ shouldn't have had to get involved, although I'm very glad they did. It's time these “educaters” get educated in the basics of Constitutional law.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 14, 2005 08:40 AM

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