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February 23, 2005

Clueless collegiates

From Agape News:

On January 20, two U.S. Army recruiters on the campus of Seattle Central Community College were forced to leave campus under escort by campus security officers. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the two had been surrounded by "several hundred students" who "hurled insults and water bottles" as a demonstration of their disdain for the war in Iraq and their displeasure with the recruiters' presence on campus.

According to that report, one of the recruiters, Sgt. Jeffrey Due, claims that during the confrontation he was hit in the head with newspapers, and water bottles "whizzed by, pounding the vending machine and wall" behind him. There were no reports of injuries following what Associated Press describes as "a ten-minute standoff."

The New York Times also reports on violence against military recruiter.

Since the beginning of 2003, there have also been more than a dozen other often violent incidents aimed at military recruiters or property throughout the country, according to the police, recruiters and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In a few cases, vehicles have been set on fire; in others, blood has been thrown through windows. Spokespeople for the armed services have downplayed the incidents even as some recruiters have increased security at their stations.

In the 60's they actually had the gall to claim they did this because they objected to the military concept of using violence to solve problems. Now they pretend to do it to protest the “sort of” ban of homosexuals in the military. The truth is, they do it because they are cowards and hate what the military really stands for -- A selfless sacrifice offered for your nation.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 23, 2005 09:38 AM

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