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February 15, 2005

Fair weather freedom

During a taping of the WKAR produced "Off the Record" program, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said she didn't have a problem with having the Ten Commandments at the Statehouse.

"I know that will make some people mad. But I think they are universal values," she said on the show.

She added that, while the government should not be promoting religion, the Ten Commandments promote "a universal desire for people to behave with dignity and honor God."

"That is not promoting a particular religion. That is just recognizing some universal values," she said.

Four days later after being assaulted by the ACLU intimidation machine, Governor Granholm now says she wouldn't support displaying the Ten Commandments in the Capitol Rotunda, calling such a display unconstitutional.

Granholm now says she was expressing her personal opinion, not encouraging such a display.

"I'm not interested in violating the United States Constitution," she said on Monday.

Hm, fair-weather friends. If her knowledge and commitment to the law is so weak, why is she a governor?

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn said Monday that he was disappointed by Granholm's comments Monday.

"The question of constitutionality is an unresolved question, and in fact the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on that question in two weeks," he said.

"She could still play a constructive role in the process by asking the attorney general to file a friend of the court brief" in the case.

He said the governor apparently capitulated over the weekend to pressure from the ACLU and anti-religious groups.

"Now she finds herself out of step with Michigan voters on the Ten Commandments, as well as out of step on abortion, marriage and gambling," he said.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 15, 2005 09:13 AM

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