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February 03, 2005

Government assault on homeschooler

Jude Doty owns his own business, and has seven kids which are homeschooled. He moves houses for a living, much of the work being done on his own property. Not one to leave homeschoolers, especially ones with lots of kids,  alone the state child services monster along with the Washington state Department of Labor & Industries has twisted the law and forced Jude out of business, and assessed him with so many fines that tomorrow their family home will be sold at a Sheriff's auctions.

What did Jude do that was so terrible? Well in spite of the DLI's own fight to ensure that the children of business owners are not classified as employees, successfully arguing before the State Supreme Court three times, that an employer/employee relationship between a parent and child cannot exist unless all four of these conditions exist:  1. emancipation,  2. a written contract,  3. fixed compensation, and 4. freedom to spend the money without parental control, they now claim Jude's children are employees, in spite of not one of these conditions being met.

They found that I had exercised “direction and control” over my boys, claiming, “You were the individual directing him to do the activities,” which they say further determined an employment relationship.  Now, my boys wanted to work with me, which is quite normal; boys without constructive work opportunities frequently end up in trouble.  In fact, every L&I worker we questioned said they had a job before age 12.

The Courts can give youth “direction and control” on “community service” at age 10.  They will operate lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and razor-sharp sickles, but that’s not considered employment nor an unreasonable risk.

And thus continues the war against the American family.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 3, 2005 08:43 AM

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