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February 28, 2005

How Palestinians make peace

In efforts to ensure peace, Palestinians sent a suicide bomber to murder Israeli civilians as the Jewish Sabbath was about to begin.

The dead were identified as Itzik Buzaglo, 40, Ronen Rubenov, 28, Yael Orbach, 28, and Aryeh Nagar, 36.

"The first thing we saw slightly reminded me of the attack that occured not far from here at the Dolphinarium," Magen David Adom paramedic Alon Kotler said describing the attack, which took place at 11:15 P.M. in front of the Stage club near the Tel Aviv promenade. "We saw lots of injured people lying on top of each other at the club's entrance."

Merav, a soldier who was near the scene of the blast, said she was the first to inform MDA about the attack. "They asked me to go to the scene and describe what I saw," she said. "I saw two slightly injured people sitting on the sidewalk and about 15 other injured people on the ground outside the club."

Eli Yehezkel, a taxi driver, was driving by the club when the blast occured. "I saw a huge flame right in front of my eyes. I stopped the cab and ran to help dozens of young people who were lying on the ground bleeding."

Police said their initial investigation showed that the suicide bomber had hidden the medium-sized improvised bomb containing fragments on his body. The blast severely damaged nearby buildings.

Eyewitnesses told police they saw another man who had come with the bomber fleeing the scene. Patrol cars and police boats conducted a search throughout the night for the accomplice, but the search was called off yesterday morning. Police continued to receive reports yesterday that the bomber was dropped off by a white Subaru containing other passengers.

News coverage was scant since most Israeli news sources do not operate on the Jewish Sabbath.

Murder victim Yael Orbach, 28, was to have been wed in three weeks and was giving out wedding invitations to her friends at the surprise party along with her fiancé Ofir Gonen when the bomb went off. Gonen was seriously wounded.

"She was about to marry her beloved. She was full of life, a good soul, always ready to help," her mother, Helen Solomon-Ziebinsky, told Haaretz.

Described by friends as a devoted family man, Itzik Buzaglo, 40, left behind two young children. His wife, Linda, was seriously wounded in the cowardly attack.

Relatives said Buzaglo had foiled a Palestinian attack while on reserve duty in the West Bank two months ago, and to celebrate the occasion, he and his army buddies decided to shave their heads for Friday night's surprise party.

Nagar, whose name translates as "carpenter," had his own carpentry business. Hours before the attack, he ate a traditional Friday evening dinner with his family in the Tel Aviv suburb of Kfar Saba. "I wanted him to stay with us for the Sabbath," his father, Yaakov, told the Yediot Ahronot daily. "But his friends from the army urged me to let him go out."

Rubenov, a sergeant major in the army, was known as the "engine" of the reserve unit and organized the surprise party. His sister Orly told Yediot that Rubenov loved his fellow soldiers and was also like a father to her children. She said she talked to him about the threat of violence. "When I spoke to him about attacks, he said, 'Don't worry about me. Everything will be OK."'

Ha'aretz reports that at least one vermin has claimed responsibility.

Speaking from an undisclosed location in Lebanon, an Islamic Jihad official, who insisted on being identified only by his nickname of Abu Tareq, told The Associated Press that the attack was in retaliation for Israel's violation of the Israeli-Palestinian truce. "The calm period with the [Palestinian] Authority was an agreement for a month, and that has ended," he said. "Israel has not abided by the pacification period. This is the main reason that led to this operation," he said without elaborating.

No comment from the World Wide Council of “Churches” as to their involvement in encouraging the enemies of Israel.


IsraelInsider reports:

The PM threatened to freeze peace efforts if the Palestinian leadership does not crack down on militant groups after a weekend suicide bombing.

At a Cabinet meeting, Israel decided to freeze gestures agreed on at a summit in Egypt on Feb. 8, where Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas declared a truce -- turning control of five West Bank towns over to the Palestinians and freeing 400 more prisoners.

The attack and the Israeli measures underlined the fragility of the truce and its vulnerability to attacks by extremists who oppose any accommodation.

A familiar pattern appeared in danger of re-emerging: A truce, a Palestinian attack, Israeli retaliation, another Palestinian attack _ and ultimately the end of the truce and rekindled violence.

..and the cycle continues.

The world demands that Israel treat bloodthirsty terrorists as deserving concessions, while they themselves from the Americas, to Europe to Asia back to the Middle East quash the same kind of criminals with no consideration of “bargaining.” Only Israel is forced to participate in pretend “peace talks” while their children are systematically murdered.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 28, 2005 08:47 AM

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