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February 28, 2005

Interesting idea on handling immigration

Michelle Malkin linked to a very interesting post by PoliPundit regarding immigration. The essence of his proposal is to implement a computerized check of Social Security numbers combined with stiff penalties for companies that violate the program. His heart is in the right place, and I also would like to see some serious action taken toward illegal immigration, but his proposal is naive on quite a number of levels.

First of all we must remember that no matter how logical it sounds, Liberals will find a way to rationalize the illogical, a rationale that will be parroted ad nauseum by the MSM. PoliPundit poses:

Polls usually show 70 percent or more Americans want all illegal immigrants deported. Among conservatives, the numbers are even higher.

That's all and well, but polls also show that the majority of Americans oppose the current laws on abortion, as well as same sex marriage, but there certainly seems to be a lot of power behind the exact opposite movements in Congress. What the majority of people think is often irrelevant since the majority never flex their political muscle enough to make it matter. Who will flex political muscle are those that whine at the least little inconvenience put upon illegal immigrants. Also remember we're having a heck of a time requiring IDs at polling places during elections.

Another problem is that the Moral Right has always been leery of overuse of the Social Security number. Laws were recently passed limiting the use of it as a universal ID, as so many business have been fond of doing. Even then, most simply ignore the new laws, and demand your SSN when they have no legal reason to. A computerized system which uses the SSN as an id would be opposed by many on the right as handing a little too much power to the government...and don't put it past Liberals to slide in some Big Brother type add-ons to any legislation requiring such a system. Hillary has been pushing a national registry of children for years. The ATF has been illegally compiling a national registry of gun owners as well.

The next problem comes from the idea that...

Once you throw a few high-profile executives in jail, employers will become sticklers for checking Social Security numbers using the new computerized system.

The reality is, those high-powered executives rarely go to jail over piddly things like that. If a company cut corners and hired illegals, it would be the lower management that would take the blame. Middle and upper management have ways of insulating themselves from most criminal liability -- they aren't dumb, how do you think they got to be middle and upper management. Losing a few overworked managers as scape goats would hardly be a serious incentive.

I agree with PoliPundant that illegal immigration needs to be curbed, seriously, but I think his proposal has too many flaws in it.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 28, 2005 04:35 PM

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