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February 17, 2005

Legislating lifestyles

From WKLY in Louisville, Kentucky:

Police, firefighters and area residents searched an Indiana neighborhood for two hours Tuesday night before finding a 2-year-old girl sound asleep in her bed, hidden under a pile of clothes.

The girl's mother called police to report that one of her five children was missing. Officers searched the house, then put out an alert when they didn't find the girl.

About two hours later, when detectives went back to the house to talk to the mother, they searched again and found the girl.

Police said Child Protective Services has been called to the house twice before after finding a child wandering the streets alone. CPS officials also said living conditions in the house are unsanitary.

Officials are investigating the family.

Lost under a pile of clothes...safe the whole time...mother concerned enough to call the police...investigated anyway. Hmm, I bet she'll think twice about calling the police, won't she. Meanwhile the monsters at CPS will traumatize the family, frighten the children with threats of taking them away, leaving the entire family much, much worse off than they were before. Why? Because the lifestyle that family chose to live, didn't fit with the lifestyle some dried up old spinster who dictates policy for the CPS thinks they should live.

Are the kids really in any danger? I don't see anything in that story that would suggest they are in any more danger than any other family anywhere in the US. Nonetheless, they will now join the ranks of those families that must endure the government sanctioned torture that is laughingly referred to as a “social services investigation.”

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 17, 2005 10:15 AM

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