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February 23, 2005

More from the World Council of the Clueless

Article in the Jerusalem Post:

500 million Christians urged to divest

Article in Ha'aretz:

World Council of Churches calls for divestment from Israel

Op-ed in Israel Insider:

World Council of Churches preaches anti-Israel divestment

I covered the actual story yesterday. What I want to point out here is tragedy that Jews in Israel might think that the WCC actually represents more than a small handful of Liberal, Atheists who enjoy pretending to be Christians so they can spout off lots of very unChristian garbage. The 500 million number would comes from the rolls of the churches of the denominations which have agreed to have their names listed as members of the WCC. Those rolls are statistically inflated by anywhere for 60 to 90%. Those churches do not all agree with the WCC, let alone with the idea that they are even members of the WCC. Those denominations do not all agree with the WCC and allow themselves to be listed as members only for the sake of what they feel is ecumenicalism (the unity of believers).

Few of the individual Christians whose names are being misused by the WCC would even be aware of the silliness. Of those that are, almost all would be offended by such a blatant, unscriptural action.

The WCC represents Christians about as effectively as the UN represents world peace. Think about that.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 23, 2005 09:51 AM

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