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February 08, 2005

More online stalking by terrorists?

Another American Christian is being threatened and tracked via the internet by Moslem extremists. Following the brutal murders of a Christian family in New Jersey, many people, not just Christians are concerned.

Jeremy Reynalds runs a homeless shelter in New Mexico called Joy Junction, as well as freelances as a op/ed writer and author. In a piece he wrote for the American Daily, he notes a web site that appeared to support terrorism, which was taken off line by its host GoDaddy.com. Some extremists Moslems blamed Reynalds for the demise of the web site.

In a thread on the Houston-based site, the person who ran the now-defunct mawsuat.com site starts by blaming Reynalds for the site's demise, posts a POBox address for Reynalds, and asks if anyone else has more information about him.

In the discussion that follows, the Islamists first post Reynald's home address so that he might be "visited", then a picture of him and a wish that his ribs should be broken, and finally they offer their prayers to Allah that He should deliver to them Reynald's "fatty neck" - a clear reference to the current fad of decapitating anyone deemed to be a critic of the more lethal forms of Islam.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 8, 2005 08:26 AM

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