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February 01, 2005

Murder by any other name...is still murder

I saw the movie Gatica a few years ago and really enjoyed it until the last few minutes. The ending scenes ruined the entire movie. If they'd simply cut out the one scene it would have been a great movie, but the scene (I'm spoiling it because you don't need to see it anyway) where the guy in the wheel chair kills himself, flushes the entire movie down the toilet. The emphasis during the movie was that people are of value regardless of their genetics, yet in the end the guy in the wheel chair kills himself, and that's brushed off as his way of dealing with things, rather than as a horrible tragedy. The movie portrays the guys as someone who is worthless because of his infirmities, and brain-dead Hollywood never caught on to the hypocrisy.

Seems they've done it again. The American Spectator has a thorough review of Clint Eastwood's latest waste of celluloid (which of course is up for several Academy Awards), Million Dollar Baby. In it, once again Hollywood sends the message that if you don't measure up to their standards, you're trash. This time, though, it appears that they may be taking note. Editor&Publisher, a trade magazine for the newspaper industry notes that the lack of attention to the controversial nature of Eastwood's latest film is making the news.

Leading the protest is the organization Not Dead Yet, an advocacy group for the disabled.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 1, 2005 08:06 AM

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