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February 02, 2005

No, it's not pronounced “Schmuck”

Matthew Hansen of the Lincoln Journal Star writes:

A Lincoln-area high school graduate who's also an illegal immigrant must pay as much as a Californian or New Englander to attend Nebraska's flagship university  located right down the street.

Can't you just picture his pitiful little, watery-eyed, pouty- face as he writes that. Those poor kids who are only here because THEY BROKEN THE LAW, AND WHOSE PARENTS DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES!!! have to pay out of state tuition to go to State colleges in Nebraska. Hang on...[wiping tears, sniff, sniff]...how can we be so heartless?!?

Americans from Arizona to Arkansas to California are sick and tired of footing the bill for people who break the law and come here, expecting us to take care of them. Meanwhile Nebraska State Senator DiAnna Schimek, introduces LB239 into the Nebraska Bicameral Legislature. The bill would allow illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition to Nebraska State colleges. Currently the bill has simply been introduced. Hopefully saner heads will rule and the Nebraska legislature won't force Nebraska taxpayers to foot the bill for assisting in illegal activities.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 2, 2005 08:49 AM

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