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February 17, 2005

No, that's too far

From BPNews:

A federal lawsuit filed Feb. 15 alleges that middle and high school students in Boyd County Public Schools -- a school district in Kentucky -- are forced to participate in diversity training, are told homosexuality cannot be changed and are warned not to say otherwise. Parents are not given an opt-out option for their children, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by the pro-family legal group Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of three families who have children in the county, claims that the school's policy violates the students' free speech and religious liberty rights. The suit also alleges a constitutional due process violation because the parents have no say.

The lawsuit was filed against the Boyd County Board of Education.

This one needs a little background. Several years earlier the school denied the Gay Straight Alliance Club's request to meet on school property (why, I have no idea). They were sued by the ACLU, and after being legally bludgeoned by them, the school whimpered that they'd settle and agreed to allow the club to meet and require the school system to provide “tolerance” training for staff members as well as middle and high school students. The result: the mess described above.

"Obviously, we're not advocating that students have the right to bully someone because they're homosexual," [Kevin Theriot, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund] said. "But they certainly have the right to express their disagreement with them and say to them that they believe homosexuality is harmful to people who practice it and harmful to society as a whole. As Christians, we have an obligation to reach out to people that we think are hurting themselves."

Remember, to Liberals like the ACLU “tolerance” means that anyone can say Christians are wrong, hurtful, hateful and cause harm, but no one is allowed to say that any other group or their activity is wrong, hurtful, hateful and causes harm.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 17, 2005 10:13 AM

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