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February 18, 2005

Raven Furbert back in the news

A follow-up on “Reason #4,577 why I homeschool” about Raven Furbert and her battle with her school over wearing a red, white and blue necklace to honor her uncle who is serving in Iraq.

From the Albany Times-Union:

[Raven's mother, Katie Grzywna] said it seems now that Raven is being targeted, and the child who used to sail through her school days without incident is now tagged frequently for in-school detention and other disciplinary measures.

Grzywna said she tried to explain to school officials that the necklace was nothing more than a show of patriotism. But they wouldn't listen.

On Jan. 14, word came home that the beads had been banned, she said. Officials then said beads could be worn but not displayed, she said. So Raven began wearing the jewelry under her clothing, her mom said.

This week, on both Monday and Tuesday, administrators again told Raven to remove the beads, Grzywna said. She complied. But then put them back on.

What is with these school administrators?!? Is that kind of job a magnet for the brainless myrmidons of society?

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 18, 2005 09:15 AM

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Thank you for posting the update of this story. Raven will be going to a couple of Radio and TV stations to keep up the pressure on the school. She still has not given up and wears her necklace daily. I just have such a hard time with this. If the kids in gangs wear cause a problem why not do someting with them and not punish the good kids. However the President of the school board stated that there is not a gang problem in their district. If possible go the Schenectady City School Board or District to see this. We live with all of this daily and as you know this will not hit the court for a while.

Thank you
Katie, Raven's Mom

Posted by: Raven's Mom at February 21, 2005 06:44 AM

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