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February 11, 2005

So who dislikes Jews, hmmmmm?

From Reuters:

Violent anti-Semitic attacks in Britain have reached "alarming" record levels, according to a report, prompting calls by Jewish leaders for more to be done to protect their community.

The Community Safety Trust, which represents Britain's 290,000-strong Jewish community on security matters, said on Thursday there had been 532 "anti-Semitic incidents" -- defined as malicious acts toward Jews -- in 2004, including a record 83 assaults.

The total, which included abuse and threats, was a rise of 42 percent from the CST's 2003 figure, and well above the previous record high of 405 in 2000.

"This increase is extremely alarming. The transfer of tensions in the Middle East to the streets of Britain has resulted in an unprecedented level of anti-Semitic incidents," said Michael Whine, director of communications for the CST.

Reuters has a reputation for being Politically Correct to the point of severely tainting the news, therefore any mention of groups behind such violence were omitted.

However, a Boca Raton paper has no such qualms when reporting on anti-Moslem acts:

The sign for a new Boca Raton mosque has been vandalized with an anti-Islamic slur, the first reported hate crime at the Assalam Center construction site since the same sign was burned repeatedly in 2003, according to police.

Although Boca police confirmed they were investigating the defaced sign as an anti-Islamic hate crime, they would not say whether they had ruled out George Aboujawdeh as a suspect. The Lebanese-born Christian served one month in jail for setting the same sign on fire repeatedly after the mosque broke ground in January 2003.

“It’s a crime that we take very seriously,” Sgt. Robert DeNeve, public information officer, told the Boca News. “The investigation is ongoing.”

According to the police report filed Tuesday, the vandalism was phoned in by mosque member Saif El Hassan and occurred sometime between last Saturday night and Sunday morning. The graffiti, written with a black marker in Arabic and English, read, “f—— all Moslems.”

Hassan, a self-employed wood finisher who lives in Boca, said he hoped the crime did not herald a new wave of anti-Islamic bias in the area.

Both instances are abhorrent, and the culprits should be caught and punished, but isn't it interesting how quickly some groups are named, while others aren't.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 11, 2005 04:12 PM

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