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February 18, 2005

Taiwan: the free China

China is a brutal, totalitarian, Communist regime. Taiwan is the island where the anti-Communists escaped to after Mao Tze Tung took over, and remains a free nation to this day. So how does the US treat them? We trade with Chine, while playing the diplomatic game that Taiwan doesn't exist. Some people want to change that:

Five members of the House of Representatives, led by Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., want to renew debate about President Jimmy Carter's unilateral 1979 decision to sever ties with the elected government of Taiwan in an effort to curry favor with mainland China.

A resolution was introduced in the House Wednesday calling for the Bush administration to scrap its "one China" policy and resume full, formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

In presenting the bill, Tancredo, the leading author of the bipartisan resolution, said that the "one China" policy, in which Washington recognizes Beijing's stance that Taiwan is a part of China, is pure fiction.

Japan has joined us in discouraging China's bullying of Taiwan:

The United States and Japan will declare Saturday for the first time in a joint agreement that Taiwan is a mutual security concern, according to a draft of the document. Analysts called the move a demonstration of Japan's willingness to confront the rapidly growing might of China.

The United States has long focused attention on the Chinese government's threat to use military force against Taiwan if the island, which China views as a renegade province, moves toward independence. Until now, Japan has been content to let the United States bear the brunt of Beijing's displeasure.

But China is pouting about it:

“We hope this high level US official can objectively analyse the current Taiwan Strait situation, can seriously observe the one-China policy..., oppose Taiwan independence, and not to send wrong signal to Taiwan independence forces,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan told a news conference.

Taiwan is independent but China wants to pretend that for all these decades it's simply been a temporary rebellion. We shouldn't be humoring their delusions.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 18, 2005 08:56 AM

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