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February 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo: Some quotes and links

"The patient is not in a coma, she is alert and responsive to her environment. She responds to specific people best. She tries to please others by doing activities for which she gets verbal praise." -- conclusion of neurologist and 1999 Nobel Prize nominee William Hammesfahr, M.D, after observing Terri.

"The above behaviors are all indicative of cognition. They are completely inconsistent with a diagnosis of vegetative state." -- " clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Alexander Gimon, in an August 2003 affidavit after reviewing videotapes of Hammesfahr's examination.

"When is that bitch gonna die?" -- Michael Schiavo, according to the September 2003 deposition of Terri's nurse, Carla Iyer

Recents stories:
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Terri Schiavo Possibly Abused, Florida Agency Wants 60 Days to Investigate
Interview: Mary Schindler, Mother of Terri Schiavo

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 25, 2005 09:11 AM

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"neurologist and 1999 Nobel Prize nominee William Hammesfahr, M.D"---
Sadly, recent evidence has revealed that Dr. Hammesfahr's "Nobel Prize nominations" are clever deceptions that do not measure up to the hard reality of truth. He should not be cited as receiving such nominations, because, in fact, they do not exist. His "nominations" are from hopefully well-meaning, but uninformed individuals (a legislator) or organizations (National Association of Chiefs of Police) who are not eligible to nominate anyone for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, any more than I am eligible to nominate you for the King of the World. The actual nominations for this extraordinary recognition of intellectual endeavor, the Nobel Prize, are KEPT SECRET FOR 50 YEARS, so anyone using the term "Nobel Prize nominee" is NOT supported by the Nobel Prize Committee. An email letter to me from that august body follows:

Dear Dr Wenger:
Thanks for your letter and point about our confidentiality regarding nominees. Specific answers to your questions:
1) All nominations, nominees and nominators are kept in strict confidentiality here for 50 years.
2) There is no way for any person to get confirmation/message from here whether they were nominated or not for any year during the last 50 years.
3) Therefore, if anyone claims being nominated it is never with support from here and should not be regarded as a valid claim.
4) The Nobel Foundation acts on all misuses of the Nobel name, but do not always act on nomination claims since there are so many who claim nominations that the Nobel system simply leaves them without specific action and only inform to all asking that nomination claims are by definition non-valid.

Hans Jörnvall, Professor
The Nobel Committee
Karolinska Institutet
Box 270
SE-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8-33 39 31
Fax: +46-8-32 03 65

Please do not cite this doctor's false credentials that give undeserved weight to his opinions in further articles.
Thomas J. Wenger, M.D.

Posted by: Thomas J. Wenger, M.D. at February 26, 2005 07:57 PM

I simply quoted the source. Personally I see any reference to the Nobel prizes as a bad mark since they are more of a sad joke than anything else.

Posted by: Jack at February 26, 2005 08:43 PM

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