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February 09, 2005

The Bill that didn't

I remember several years ago when someone came forward with a soda pop can that they claimed had a needle in it when they opened it. Within a week numerous similar complaints were made across the nation. The worries of a deranged soft drink company employee poisoning innocent people was tossed about. The soft drink company took a different approach. They simply warned of the lawsuit they'd file once it became exposed the people were lying, and gave them a chance to come clean first. All of them did, and not one claim remained. Each and every one was an attempt at winning a settlement from a multi-million dollar corporation.

It seems Bill Cosby is now playing the role of the soft drink company, but hasn't played hardball yet.

Yet another woman has surfaced claiming Cosby sexually assaulted her. This one is even more doubtful than the previous one. While Andrea Constand's delay of a year to report her allegations raises questions, Tamara Green's wait of thirty years makes most dismiss her as a publicity seeker.

WorldNetDaily readers voted by a surprisingly large percentage that “The timing is suspicious shortly after his comments disparaging black culture” Something I hadn't considered, but remembering the way Anita Hill's obsessive rantings were taken seriously when Libs wanted to electronically lynch Clarence Thomas, I can see the reasoning.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 9, 2005 09:39 AM

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