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February 11, 2005

The dirty draft secret

From WorldNetDaily:

A new organization led by mothers opposed to the re-institution of a military draft will open its doors next week.

Mothers Against the Draft is the latest group to use the acronym MAD, but this time it's women who see a new wave of conscription in the U.S. just as dangerous to their children as drunk drivers.

I think they're jumping the gun a bit. The Draft was a scare tactics Democrats used in the last election, although a few of those very same Democrats have themselves been suggesting it be re-instated.

What's more disturbing is that few people realize that the real motivation behind the push for women in combat zones is the desire by feminists to force the government to draft women, if the draft were re-instated. In Rostker v. Goldberg the Supreme Court ruled that, “since women are excluded from combat service by statute or military policy, men and women are simply not similarly situated for purposes of a draft or registration for a draft, and Congress' decision to authorize the registration of only men, therefore, does not violate the Due Process Clause.”

Of more concern than whether the government will re-instate the draft is whether, if they do, women will be drafted now that for all intents and purposes they are being place in virtual combat roles.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 11, 2005 04:15 PM

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