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February 07, 2005

The good...

While a student at Driftwood Middle School in Hollywood, Florida, Christine Curran decided to hand out invitations to hear a Christian youth speaker at her church. When a school administrator saw her passing out the literature, the administrator called Christine over, took the literature from her, took a look at it, and then told her she couldn't pass it out. Christine called Liberty Council. Erik Stanley, Chief Counsel for Liberty Counsel took the case.

The District’s Policy required all students to submit literature to a school administrator for approval before distributing the literature to fellow students. The Policy contained no standards to govern the discretion of the administrator in determining whether to allow or prohibit literature distribution. Worse yet, the Policy contained no time limits for granting or denying a request to distribute literature, thereby allowing an administrator to effectively deny a student’s right to free speech by not acting on the request.

February 1st the Broward County School District entered into a settlement agreement with Christine Curran and her father. The agreement mandates that the School District adopt a new policy and pay attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the lawsuit. The new Policy places a strict time limit on a school administrator’s response to a request to distribute literature as well as prevents an administrator from denying a request to distribute literature simply because of disagreement with the literature.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 7, 2005 07:51 AM

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