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February 14, 2005

The intolerant left

From Agape Press:

Following a "Gay Pride Week" observance, a Virginia school system rejected the idea of allowing ex-homosexuals to address its student body. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says "ex-gays" seem to have no standing at all.


Bob Knight
"People who have overcome homosexuality -- who thought they were born gay and couldn't change and then realized that they could -- are said to be non-existent," Knight says. "They're continually blocked from public access."

Knight says one can find the same discrimination of former homosexuals at the television network level as well. "The networks have had a problem for years because homosexual activists have used veto power in terms of who is booked for programs," he explains. "I myself have experienced that. I've been scheduled to go on network programs with Stephen Bennett and other former homosexuals, and I was told that a segment that had been scheduled was now cancelled because the homosexual activists refused to go on [the program] with an ex-gay."

Bennett, an outspoken former homosexual who now heads a Christian ministry, was scheduled recently to be on Good Morning America to discuss an upcoming controversial PBS broadcast. He was slated to appear with two lesbians in a GMA segment, but they informed the network they would not appear with Bennett. He believes he was booted from the program because of the lesbians' "intolerance and bigotry" toward him for being a former homosexual. (See related story)

"[Homosexual activists] just don't dare allow ex-gays to have a platform," says Knight.

Exposing this sounds like something Christian bloggers could get done -- hint, hint.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 14, 2005 08:41 AM

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