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February 16, 2005

The Jackson trial

From CBSNews (oddly enough under “entertainment”):

Michael Jackson has been treated for flu-like symptoms, including some vomit, according to Dr. Chuck Merrill, an emergency physician at Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, Calif. Jackson will be released from the hospital "when he is stable enough to go home," Merrill said.

Jackson didn't make it to the courthouse Tuesday morning. Instead, his driver took him to Marian Medical Center for treatment. The development delayed jury selection a week.

I mention this because I spent most of last spring and summer churning out the rough draft of an autobiography I'm helping co-write, of a former Hollywood actor/homosexual prostitute. His acting career lasted several years during the mid to late 70s and in the course of writing the book, named quite a few names. While he was in his early 20's he looked 15, and all of the parts he played were for that age, (both on screen and off, if you know what I mean) Every time I see the stories about Michael Jackson's trial I remember the details of what this guy went through, and am amazed at what small potatoes Michael Jackson is compared to the sordid details of the many people mentioned in the notes I received. If people only knew a fraction of what really goes on behind the glamour and glitz of Hollywood...

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 16, 2005 10:05 AM

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