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February 09, 2005

The law is blind, and sometimes batty

While a federal court upholds the city of Waco's ordinance against protests near school zones during certain hours, an ordinance specifically put in place to prevent pro-life protestors from sidewalk counseling in Waco -- a county judge has dismissed the charges filed against the protestors under the very same ordinance. Planned Parenthood's abortuary, Audre Rapoport Women's Health Center on Columbus Avenue is located across the street from Waco Montessori School. While the activist pro-death federal judge ruled that the city may keep the ordinance, even though it is designed to deny the Constitutional rights of a specific group, the local judge followed the law and will not allow the city to enforce the ordinance.

Meanwhile a 19 year-old Supreme Court decision has been repeatedly ignored by the appellate court it was directed at.

The Supreme Court ordered the reversal of a nationwide injunction against [Joe] Scheidler's group [Pro-Life Action League] that had been issued by the district court. "In an eight-to-one decision [the justices ruled that N.O.W.] could not use RICO, and they sent it back down, saying that the injunction must be dropped and all the damages voiced," he says.

However, the Seventh Circuit Court has since found reason to continue the injunction and, last month, denied a request for a hearing in front of all the court's judges. The head of Pro-Life Action says the appellate court judges took a year to refuse that request, which prompted the decision not to go back to the lower trial court, as directed.

"We decided rather, to take it back to the Supreme Court for clarification," Scheidler says, "because [the Seventh Circuit judges'] arguments were very, very bad. They contradicted themselves." Also, the pro-life leader adds, one of the judges, Daniel Anthony Manion, wrote an especially compelling opinion on the case, offering "an excellent reason why it should be reviewed by the full court."

Gee, I wonder why the people who favor the murder of unborn children have so little respect for the law?

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 9, 2005 09:38 AM

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