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February 01, 2005

The New Jersey Martyrs

Michelle Malkin and Powerline are reporting that new information is coming out about the Christian family in New Jersey martyred for sharing their faith. A friend of the family revealed that members of the Egyptian consulate intimidated the family into remaining quiet about the details of the gruesome murders. Most have done so, but a few members would not remain silent. According to Jihad Watch --

...two family members and another Copt viewed the bodies at the funeral home. One of these eyewitnesses said that he clearly saw that the family members had not suffered “stab wounds to the throat,” as the prosecutor’s report states, but rather the following:

A. Both adults, Hossam and Amal, had a horizontal slit across the throat. Below the slit, on the left, right and middle of the throat were three holes, big enough so that one could place a finger in each hole. According to the eyewitness, it was as if the assailant(s) took a knife and turned it repeatedly in a circular fashion, as if to screw holes into the victims’ necks.

B. The two young girls, Sylvia (15) and Monica (8), also had a horizontal slits in their throats, along with two holes bored below the slits, one on the right and one on the left sides of their necks. The holes were similar to those on their parents’ necks.

C. The eyewitness said although the bodies of the victims were all covered, he was able to see the arms of the little girl Monica. Although the tattoo of the cross inside Monica’s wrist was not defaced, he saw that her wrists were cut. He was not able to see the wrists of the other victims to see if the crosses on their wrists were defaced.

D. Though the family wants to reserve judgment until the results of the case are released, they did say that the way the four family members were bound and gagged and the way their throats were slit with holes carved is similar to executions that are shown on al-Jazeera. The American public is not aware of this because the details of the executions are not often described in news accounts.

Amal Garas’s father said that (contrary to many news reports and CAIR’s press release) none of the family’s jewelry was taken, and that Amal owned some quite expensive pieces that were not touched. At the time of her murder, Amal was wearing a ring worth $3,500 that was not taken.

Garas’s father also has been speaking with the detectives and the prosecutor on the case. He was told that the results of the autopsy would not be ready until March 14. However, an inside source in one of New Jersey’s police departments said that the results of autopsy and toxicology reports are known within 48 hours after the bodies are discovered.

The main stream media are censoring this story as they do most incidences of bigotry and hatred toward Christians.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 1, 2005 08:16 AM

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I accidentally deleted my commentary on this. *sigh*

They knew it wasn't a burglary because nothing of value was stolen. If a Muslim family was butchered in cold blood by Christians we would be subjected to non-stop coverage.

Posted by: Donna at February 1, 2005 10:19 PM

My wife did the same thing last night (accidentally deleted) only with a lengthy blog entry on her blog. Fortunately we were able to recover half of it since she used SpelChek.com to check the spelling, and occasionally it stores messages. (a bug I'm now glad I didn't fix)

Posted by: Jack at February 2, 2005 09:36 AM

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