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February 04, 2005

The real intolerance

From Newsweek:

How did life, in its infinite complexity, come to be? A controversial new theory called 'intelligent design' asserts a supernatural agent was at work

I knew the MSM were pretty intolerant of Christianity, but surely they've at least heard of the Old Testament.

The article goes on to make the silly point that exposure to the theory of Evolution shouldn't seriously challenge a Christian's faith. But that would presuppose that A. Evolution is presented as theory, when it is actually presented as fact in many, if not most government schools, and B. Atheist teachers did not make it a point to ridicule any student how dared voice opposition to the dogma of the religion of Evolution. It also ignores the point that having one's faith challenged in a taxpayer funded school might possibly be construed by those who actually bother to think things through as the government involving itself in religion.

The article continues with more folly. The “agenda” of the “Intelligent Design” proponents is portrayed as replacing Evolution with ID. Nothing could be further form the truth. The whole point is to present all side and let the student decide. Even in the vast majority of Christian schools as well as Christian homeschools the basic of the theory of Evolution is taught. So who're the intolerant ones, hmmm?

Hat tip: Best of the Web

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 4, 2005 09:28 AM

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