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February 18, 2005

The screaming bigot

Bloggers lost no time in pointing out Howard Deans offensive comments to the Congressional Black Caucus. Republican politicians quickly demanded an apology, as well. In a surprising show of backbone some Democrats are actually displaying displeasure. Normally anything any racial slur a Democrat says, regardless of how offensive, is ignored by both the media and fellow Democrats. Dean is not getting away with it this time:

The most powerful African-American member of the House of Representatives is calling on Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to apologize for a racially insensitive joke he told Friday during an address to the Congressional Black Caucus.

Asked on Tuesday if Dean should apologize for suggesting during his address that minorities usually work as servants, Rep. Charles Rangel told ABC Radio's Sean Hannity, "If he offended anybody, he certainly should."

Tripping right out of the shoot. Not a good start for Dean. He'll now have to go genuflect before all the Black special interest groups and offer various gifts of remorse, in the form of political favors. Jesse Jackson's probably chortling and vigorous wringing his hands.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 18, 2005 08:52 AM

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