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February 17, 2005

Unity or “unity”

From The Christian Post:

One month after a Coptic Christian family of four was found slain in New Jersey’s second-largest city, Muslim and Christian leaders at an annual community brunch rejected religious hatred and called for unity, appealing for calm and understanding.

“Not only did these murders end those four lives, but they threaten a vision and a dream of a possibility of living together peacefully, which is the strong desire of many people in the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities," said the Rev. Randall Day, pastor of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Teaneck and vice president of the Teaneck Clergy Council, as reported by the Associated Press.

Unity is a deceptive concept. While one person may use it to mean simply the opposite of hatred and violence, other mean it as a melding of all religion into a homogenous one-world faith, that leaves only the least common factors intact.

One can disagree without being hateful about it. It's not necessary to sacrifice one's beliefs in order to have respect for other faiths. But those whose religion is secularism can't see it that way, and consistently insist others bow to their “god.” I certainly hope the New Jersey religious leaders participating in the meeting above are pushing for real unity, and not the surrender of faith that Secularists refer to as “unity.”

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 17, 2005 09:58 AM

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