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February 16, 2005

Update: Hudson High Hypocrites

As I reported earlier (First Amendment to what?!?) on Chris Bowler and the harassment he's been having in his Massachusetts (government) high school because he wanted to start a Conservative Club. Others are reporting, too.

David Limbaugh writes about their arrogant censorship.

The Boston Globe chimes in. The original story is now in the archives and inaccessible without a fee, but someone at FreeRepublic copied it.

The MetroWest Daily News (Boston) also has an article and mention lawyers who are helping Chris.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 16, 2005 10:13 AM

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Thank you for posting this article on your website. My father did some research on the violence found in some of the films shown in Hudson High which include, "Night in the Fog," "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Schlinder's List," "Bowling For Columbine," "Emmet Till Lynching," and many more. These rated R films (at least most of them) are watched in my school without teachers getting kids to sign permission slips. It's illegal for students to watch rated R movies when they are under 17 years of age unless an adult is present (21 years or older). While students are basically forced to watch these films in class without a permission slip, the principal censors our posters because of beheadings found on www.hscca.org which "promotes violence" according to Stapelfeld.

However, when I went to www.kidsinmind.com, they analyze the film and describe all the sexuality, gore, and profanity found in almost all fims ever made. For Fahrenheit 9/11, the first movie my father searched, we found that there is a beheading shown in this film. A man from Saudi Arabia has his head chopped off after a sword chops it twice and then it rolls down a hill. I had seen this movie earlier this schoolyear when one of my teachers insisted I watch it.

Although Stapelfeld denies any political bias against the Conservative Club, he definitely is quick to censor our club, but not what teachers show their students.

A week ago when I met with the superintendent, I brought up the effigy doll that was passed around the classroom last year. He told me this teacher has a different perspective. She wanted to illustrate what the word effigy meant, so she brought in a Bush doll months before the election. And then she encouraged us to go to an anti-Bush rally in Boston and watch a life size doll being dragged through the streets. But according to Super Berman, she brought it in for "educational" purposes.

There wasn't any bias involved with this little incident! C'mon! You're too sensitive! was the reaction I was getting during this meeting.

If there is something I've learned about liberals it's that they are all for double standards. They don't present facts with their argument. It'd be so easy to be a liberal since all you have to do is make up stuff on the spot.

Posted by: Chris Bowler at February 20, 2005 01:42 PM

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