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February 15, 2005

Who put these people in charge?!?

From KFVS12:

After finding the bag much like the one disposable utensils come in, Michaela says she decided to make her friend a bag of goodies, "They said what did you make this out of. and what did you tell them. I said out of dirt. And what else. I made it with rocks, clover and dirt."

Her mom, Michele, says after Michaela put the mixture into the bag, she tied the top with a purple ponytail holder and gave it to her friend saying, "here's a bag of dirt."

After recess was over the student gave the bag of dirt to their teacher.

The idiots running the Mathews Elementary in Sikeston, MO. gave her a two-day in-school suspension, because they thought the bag looked too much like a bag of marijuana. What kind of moron assumes a 6-year-old putting dirt in a plastic bag is thinking of drugs? Sounds like it's time to clean house at that school and dump some obviously incompetent teachers and administrators.

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 15, 2005 09:15 AM

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