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February 11, 2005

Why does it even matter?

Also from FoxNews:

James D. Guckert, who wrote under the name Jeff Gannon, said on his Web site that he was leaving "because of the attention being paid to me." He had been Washington bureau chief for Talon News, a conservative online news outlet associated with another Web site, GOPUSA.

Guckert frequently attended White House press briefings over the last two years and asked pointedly conservative questions. Called on by Bush at a Jan. 26 news conference, Guckert said Senate Democratic leaders were painting a bleak picture of the economy and he asked Bush how the president would work "with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality."

The question prompted scrutiny, particularly from liberal bloggers. Guckert was linked with online domain addresses suggestive of gay pornography. Guckert, a former resident of Wilmington, Del., told The (Wilmington) News Journal newspaper that he had registered the domain names for a client while he was working to set up a Web-hosting business.

So writing under a pseudonym and having worked with someone who later became involved with porn disqualifies one to be a reporter? Talk about gagging at a gnat.

(In the interest of “full” disclosure you should know that “Jack Lewis” is a pseudonym, and a friend from college once got a porn start to autograph a picture -- a face shot -- for me as a joke.)

Posted by Jack Lewis at February 11, 2005 04:10 PM

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