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March 10, 2005

Greer declares himself above the law

From the St. Petersburg Times:

A Pinellas-Pasco judge today refused to allow the Department of Children and Families to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case.

The decision by Circuit Judge George Greer also means the judge won't consider DCF's request for a 60-day stay of his order that Schiavo's feeding tube can be removed at 1 p.m. on March 18.

The agency had said it received abuse and neglect complaints about Schiavo that it needed time to investigate.

But in his order, Greer said all of the allegations have previously been brought before the court. Greer ruled that no law gave DCF the authority to become a party to a guardianship.

Greer also noted that DCF has received numerous abuse complaints about Schiavo in previous years and determined them to be unfounded.

Greer wrote in his order, "What is particularly unsettling is that when asked whether DCF believed that part of its mandated duty was to review orders of this court, the answer from DCF counsel was "yes.' "

The judge said DCF's action appeared intended to circumvent the final judgment of the court that Schiavo would not want to live by artificial means.

In other words he is God and no one may question his decisions. Judge Greer has staked his career on this one case. If Terri Schiavo is not murdered, then he will be exposed as the shallow, uncaring, power-hungry despot he is. There can be no argument. In Greer's mind Terri must die.

The Florida legislature is working on a bill that was supposed to have saved her, but now they are saying it may not be applicable (way to waste the taxpayers money guys). The Federal legislation may be enacted in time, if enough pressure is put on the Congress.

Hey George and Jeb Bush, don't think for a minute your inaction is going unnoticed.

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March the Tenth

This day in history:

March 10th, 1862 - US issues 1st paper money ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 & $1000)

This surprised me. I assumed we'd been using it long before that. I do recall reading a Supreme Court decision around about this time involving a dispute over whether a seller could force a buyer to accept paper money rather than gold. The SC ruled that the paper must be accepted.

March 10th, 1876 - 1st telephone call made (Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Watson)

The second phone call, of course, was a telemarketer wanting to know if Dr. Bell wanted his carpets cleaned.

March 10th, 1893 - New Mexico State University cancels its 1st graduation ceremony, its only graduate Sam Steele was robbed & killed the night before.

Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket...

March 10th, 1910 - China “ends” slavery

I put “ends” in quotes, because they didn't really end it, they just renamed it. Now they arrest people for crimes like going to church, then force them to work in factories making cheap crap to sell to Americans. Sounds like slavery to me.

March 10th, 1962 - Due to it's no black policy, Phillies leave Jack Tar Harrison Hotel & move to Rocky Point Motel, 20 miles outside Clearwater FL

Hurray for them.

March 10th, 1969 - James Earl Ray pleads guilty in murder of Martin Luther King Jr

This was also his 41st birthday. He later recanted the confession, and claimed it had been coerced. The King family eventually join his appeal to re-open the investigation, but Ray died before it could be completed.

March 10th, 1982 - All 9 planets aligned on same side of Sun

Remember, that was the year the alignment caused the earth to explode and they put us all on this giant space ark and told us not to tell the stupid people because they wouldn’t underst...oh...wait...never mind.

March 10th, 1928 - James Earl Ray
March 10th, 1940 - Chuck Norris
March 10th, 1958 - Sharon Stone
March 10th, 1963 - Jasmine Guy

March 10th, 1913 - Harriet Tubman
March 10th, 1988 - Andy Gibb

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Why Greer wants Terri dead

In spite of affidavits from 33 neurologists, physicians and other experts in the medical field asserting that Terri Schiavo should be retested based on new evaluation and therapeutic technologies that can significantly impact brain damaged and disabled persons, Judge Greer dismissed the motion to allow such testing.

You have to remember, the point has come where Greer has a very personal investment in Terri's execution. If she dies, and is quickly cremated, then any evidence that his ruling were wrong, disappear. If she live, and receives therapy and recovers to the point she can begin interacting with her loved ones -- Greer will be exposed for the inhumane ogre he is. She has to die to protect his reputation.

Greer also heard arguments from the Florida DCF.

Department of Children and Families supervisor Susan McPhee told Circuit Court Judge George Greer that Terri's estranged husband Michael has denied her medical treatment and isolated her in her hospice room with the blinds closed and prevented her from going outdoors.

Those are just some of the "30 detailed allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation" the agency received in a 34-page document in February.

"This is a heightened situation because we are talking about the life of Terri Schiavo," DCF attorney Kelly McKibben said at a hearing before Judge Greer Wednesday, according to an AP story.

By law they are allowed 60 days to investigate reports of abuse. But then Greer has shown that he has little if any respect for the law, so he no doubt will summarily dismiss their request as well. Remember, it's now personal. He cannot allow Terri Schiavo to live.

LifeNews is also reporting:

A Florida state House committee has approved a bill that could possibly be used to prevent Terri Schiavo from being starved to death. The legislation prevents a legal guardian, such as Terri's estranged husband Michael, from denying food and water to a person unable to make their own medical decisions.

It's unclear whether the legislation could be applied to Terri, but Rep. Dennis Baxley, a Republican, said he hoped it would.

The whole idea was to make a law that would save Terri's life, wasn't it.

There is also the Federal legislation introduced Tuesday that could be used to spare her from her would be murderers.

Other coverage:
Did Victor Gambone, MD Conspire With George Felos, George Greer, And Suncoast Hospice To Fraudulantly Commit Terri Schiavo To A Facility That It Is Illegal For Her To Be In?” at Hyscience
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Bill Introduced to Protect Terri Schiavo” at Patterico's Pontifications

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Life is not an inconvenience

From LifeNews:

Newborn infants who survive failed abortion attempts must receive appropriate medical care and cannot be neglected under a bill approved by an Illinois State House Committee on Wednesday.

The Born Alive Infants Protection Act, HB 984, received a unanimous vote from the House Civil Law Committee. Members made a change to the bill that took out a measure spelling out the kind of care that newborns should be provided.

That change may prompt additional support for the bill, which passed through the state Senate in 2001 and 2002 but failed in the House....

Congress approved a similar bill and President Bush signed it into law in August 2002. However, concern came up last year that some hospital staff are not following the law.

Laws are meaningless unless enforced. The pro-death activists have managed to prevent accurate reporting on just about anything related to abortions, lest it some how impede “choice.” But MSNBC reports on conditions in the Netherlands that should be a warning bell to what awaits us:

Euthanizing terminally ill newborns, while still very rare, is more common in the Netherlands than was believed when the startling practice was reported a few months ago — and experts say it also occurs, quietly, in other countries.

Dutch doctors estimate that at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported in that country, which has allowed euthanasia for competent adults since 1985.

Dutch Hospitals are supposed to use what's referred to as the Groningen protocol, a list of standards for performing and reporting euthanasia of newborns with serious, incurable deformities.  But since the bulk of these murders are unreported, there is no evidence that the protocols were even considered. Even the ones that were considered under the Groningen protocol were deemed “terminal” based on factors such a “future inability to communicate”, “lack of self-sufficiency” and “expected hospital dependency” in other words -- they would be an inconvenience.

Abortion as practiced in the US is a nothing less than murder to remove another human being that's been deemed inconvenient by the mother. Babies that manage to survive the murder attempt have been summarily slaughtered, in disregard of the law. When human life is treated in such a callous way -- the concept of law and order cannot be a very high priority.

Therefore laws mean nothing, unless they are enforced. Those that violate the law and murder babies must be held accountable for their actions -- and those that fail to do their jobs in pursuing those criminals, should themselves be held accountable.

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A choice in ignorance is no choice

From LifeNews:

When women who visit a pregnancy center see an ultrasound image of their unborn child, more than 90 percent decide against an abortion. Michigan lawmakers are hoping the same thing will happen if women visiting abortion facilities are shown one.

State Rep. Dave Robertson, a Republican, sponsored legislation he says is similar to an Alabama law that requires abortion businesses to provide women with an opportunity to see the development of their unborn child through an ultrasound.

Robertson emphasized to opponents of the bill that it would not require women to see the images, just to be given the option to do so.

Okay, first of all let me say -- why not make them view it?!? How can it be a choice if it's made in ignorance?

The truth is obvious. The worshippers of death do not want the truth exposed. They want women to continue to murder their babies in ignorance of what they're doing. How is that choice? Planned Genocide.. I mean Parenthood's own researchers exposed the fact that the vast majority of women “choose” to have an abortion because they felt they had no alternative. There is always an alternative, therefore these women are being shown one door and told, “make your choice.” How is that choice?!?

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Defending the defenseless

Also from LifeNews:

Anyone who takes a teenager girl to another state to have a secret abortion that is done without her parents' knowledge or consent can be faced with a civil lawsuit, under a new bill that received initial approval from the state House.

Rep. Jane Cunningham, the lead sponsor of the measure, says it is intended to cut down on the number of Missouri teens who are taken to Illinois for abortions. That state does not require parents to be told beforehand.

"When a minor child has to face this kind of decision, the person they need most is the person who cares most about their welfare, and that's their parents," Cunningham told the Associated Press in an interview after the vote.

The legislation would also increase regulations on abortion facilities and require abortion practitioners to have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles from where they perform abortions. Lawmakers say that will ensure women can receive quick medical care following a botched abortion.

I'm glad someone is finally doing this. It is about time. Although, why the person wouldn't be put in jail is beyond me. In any other instance it would be called kidnapping and criminal charges would be filed. But in this case, since it's about abortion, common sense is thrown out, and after decades of abuse, someone finally has realized that families need a way to protect themselves from people who force young girls to have abortions (pay attention to how quickly the pro-“choice” ghouls rush to defend this practice of forcing young girls to have abortions)

As for the added regulations for abortuaries, I don't expect this to actually pass. The pro-death monsters will argue that ensuring that the “doctor” who vacuums out your kidnapped 14 year-old little girl, thus torturing your unborn grandchild to death by ripping him limb from limb, is not some fruitcake that's been kicked out of any reputable hospital -- would interfere with “choice” and that would be unthinkable.

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Nonsense from the Religious Left

From WorldNetDaily:

Calling economic injustice among the "gravest of sins," leaders of five mainline Protestant denominations known for left-leaning political activism called President Bush's new federal budget "unjust."

The church leaders, who say they represent 20 million followers, recalled the story from Luke's gospel of the rich man and Lazurus as they addressed reporters in Washington, D.C.

Leaders of the Episcopal Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church presented a joint statement that said, "In telling this story, Jesus makes clear that perpetrating economic injustice is among the gravest of sins."

Responding to the use of religion to influence political decisions, Liberals said...

Oh, I guess they said nothing. When Liberal “Christians” get politically involved Political Liberals say nothing. It's only when Conservative Christians exercise their rights as citizens that Liberals boil over in rage at the violation of the imaginary Constitutional Amendment they claim says something about the “separation of church and state.”

Now as for the self-proclaimed “mainstream” churches. They defend a system (socialism/Liberalism) that has been proven to entrap people into poverty, while criticizing efforts by the Bush administration to offer opportunities for people to escape poverty. The sinners are the leaders of these pretend churches who do works of evil and call it good.

Just out of curiosity...I wonder what the average salary of these “church leaders” is.

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More persecution of Christians

From the Pacific Justice Institute:

Pacific Justice recently filed a federal lawsuit against state and local prison officials who have arbitrarily denied prison ministries the right to send, and inmates the right to receive, Bible study materials vital to spiritual growth.

For years, prison ministries have faithfully sent Bible study materials to inmates at a state prison facility in Corcoran, California, free of charge and have witnessed firsthand the life-changing power of the Gospel in their lives. Recently, however, prison officials in Corcoran arbitrarily changed their policies so as to exclude most types of free religious materials. Thereafter, the prison mail room would not deliver Bible study materials to inmates who had requested and were eagerly awaiting them.

After numerous appeals went unheeded, these inmates and a local prison ministry contacted PJI. When the prison officials also refused to respond to PJI's legal demand letters, which clearly stated the inmates' and prison ministry's First Amendment rights, a lawsuit was filed in federal district court.

The President of Pacific Justice Institute, Brad Dacus, stated, "The prison officials' restriction on inmates' ability to receive life-changing Bible study materials not only defies logic, but it also defies the law. We look forward to vindicating the constitutional rights of these receptive inmates and this hard-working prison ministry."

And Liberal religionists (I really don't want to call them Christians) keep saying Christians shouldn't be involved in politics. Seems to me there was that kind of attitude as Hitler gained power, which not only allowed millions to be slaughtered, but left Christianity smeared as who Hitler was representing. Moslems get a lot of flack these days because they fail to speak out against terrorism as much as they really should be.

Silence sends a loud message...whether that message is true or not.

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An act of futility

From WorldNetDaily:

The Mississippi House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that allows for the posting of religious texts in public, including the Ten Commandments, the national motto "In God We Trust" and pronouncements from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount known as "The Beatitudes."

In 2001, Mississippi passed the first state law in the U.S. that requires its public schools post the motto "In God We Trust."

Okay, guys, you're not getting the big picture here. The people vote on laws...the judges toss them out. The legislature enacts laws...the judges toss them out. We are in the age of judicial tyranny. It doesn't matter what law you pass, some idiot judge somewhere will concoct some harebrained reason why it's unconstitutional, and toss it out, if he feels like it.

Until we enact laws that restrict judges from overstepping their Constitutional boundaries, and then enforce those laws, this mess will continue.

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Smarter than we thought

Bad news for the religion of Evolution:

America's public schools may be teaching evolution, but a significant number of teenagers aren't buying it, and an overwhelming majority of them believe that God one way or another was involved in the creation of humanity, according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll of 1,028 teenagers ages 13-17 found that 38 percent don't believe in evolution, believing instead that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so." Another 43 percent believe that humans "developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided" the process. All total, 81 percent believe that God was somehow involved.

Only 18 percent believe that evolution took place without God playing a role.

I'm disappointed that 62% have fallen for the sham of Evolution, but that 82% recognize God's involvement demonstrates the failure of the Evolutionists to indoctrinate government schooled kids.

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Censoring Christianity

The winner of the 2005 Templeton prize, “awarded each year to a living person to encourage and honor those who advance spiritual matters, including research in love, creativity, purpose, infinity, intelligence, thanksgiving and prayer” has been announced. Oddly enough, to someone that Bell-labs, the Nobel Committee and even the Smithsonian Institute want to pretend is not even religious. In spite of including numerous details about Charles Townes, one of the inventors of the laser, each of these institutions censored the fact that Townes has always been an outspoken, and devout Christian.

Before he became famous, though, he was ostracized by many in the scientific community for his beliefs.

Fifty years ago, he published a scientific paper outlining his views that science and religion were closely related.

Since then, the two fields, especially in areas such as quantum mechanics, have been coming together in a less fractious relationship. In a statement, Charles Townes said many people did not realise that science involves faith.

"But nothing is absolutely proved," he said. "Wonderful things in both science and religion come from our efforts based on observations, thoughtful assumptions, faith and logic."

Now that his name is immortalized by the invention of the maser, then the laser, then a Nobel Prize, they pretty much have to acknowledge his work -- but omit any details that would let people know he is a devout Christian.

Bigotry, there's no escaping it.

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Progressive Europeans

From The Independent (a British paper):

They are the generation of women who grew up expecting to have it all. No longer forced to choose between children and a career, they were set to embrace superwomanhood by doing both - while holding down a perfect relationship and keeping a spotless home in their spare time.

But modern woman has taken a reality check. The average 29-year-old now hankers for a return to the lifestyle of a 1950s housewife. The daughters of the "Cosmo" generation of feminists want nothing more than a happy marriage and domestic bliss in the countryside, according to a survey.

Research into the attitudes of 1,500 women with an average age of 29 found that 61 per cent believe "domestic goddess" role models who juggle top jobs with motherhood and jet-set social lives are "unhelpful" and "irritating". More than two-thirds agree that the man should be the main provider in a family, while 70 per cent do not want to work as hard as their mother's generation. On average, the women questioned want to "settle down" with their partner by 30 and have their first child a year later.

Vicki Shotbolt, deputy chief executive of the National Family and Parenting Institute, said: "This is the generation of young women who have seen the 'have it all' ethos up close and personal, and they have realised that it doesn't work.

Wait...isn't Europe supposed to be ahead of us in matters of “Liberal enlightenment?” Then how can this be? Could it be that rather than leaping ahead into the Liberal utopia, they've stopped short and have taken a good look at the mess it causes, and are turning back? Could be. In any case, this is a fascinating story that I'm sure the MSM are eager to ignore.

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Hillary in sheeps clothing

In her ongoing effort to convince people that she's actually not a left-wing extremist, left-wing extremist Hillary Clinton is now complaining about the violence on television.

"This is a silent epidemic. We don't necessarily see the results immediately," Clinton said at a forum hosted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Over time, she argued, the effects of such media-driven desensitization teaches children "that it's OK to dis people because they're women or they're a different color or they're from a different place."

She actually used the term “dis”?!? Maybe she did her research using Gizoogle.com.

The senator took direct aim at one particular video game, Grand Theft Auto, a series popular among players and criticized by parents for its crime spree role-playing.

"They're playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them," said Clinton.

So convincing all of the nations kids that unprotected oral sex is safe because it's not really sex, is somehow not bad, then, in spite of how many kids contract incurable STD's from following her husband's example?

Seems to me I remember another notable Democrat wife waging war on violence and sex in the media, who backed down and apologized to the very people she had criticized, when her husband needed their support.

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Two great OpEds

From an OpEd in the Washington Times, by Lawrence Kudlow:

The Ten Commandments are literally chiseled into the American way of life. But there is a campaign under way to rid this country of any and all religious references. This is part of the ongoing culture war that would stop religious expression in politics and the public square, even though we remain the most religious of all the major industrial countries. Fortunately, brave people like state attorney general Greg Abbott, who recently argued the Texas position in Van Orden v. Perry before the Supremes, want to keep it that way.

From an OpEd on The Reality Check by Robert Meyer:

Another canard employed in this debate, is that evolution is "scientific", whereas ID is religious mythology. But does evolution itself qualify as a scientific theory, or like Creationism, is it a metaphysical theory? Anyone who has taken an introductory class in the Philosophy of Science, knows a few basic tenets regarding scientific inquiry. First of all, only observational or naturalistic evidence is accepted. If the inquirer asks a how or why question, then develops a hypothesis, it must be testable, and thus subject to falsification before it can move beyond that point. In which respects can any evolutionary theory meet this test? The evolutionist who says that the "fact" of evolution proves the non-existence of God, must derive such information outside the parameters of empirical scientific methods-- a realm that he claims contains no meaningful truth. Thus, such a claim is that of religious dogmatism. Any masonry regardless of its ornate design or quality composition cannot be stacked four feet in mid air without a solid foundation. Those who claim evolutionary theories can do away with the need for God are attempting to do just that philosophically speaking.

Both are definitely recommended reading.

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The hard bigotry of...well, bigotry

From Agape Press:

A mental health expert has been removed from an advisory panel of a large behavioral health company because of his belief that homosexuality can be changed.

Last September, Dr. Warren Throckmorton was asked to serve for a sixth year on the National Provider Advisory Committee of Magellan Health Services. But last month, Magellan retracted is offer, arguing Throckmorton's views on homosexuality were too controversial. In a recent conference call, chief medical officer Alex Rodriguez accused Throckmorton of mixing religion with mental health perspectives.

Throckmorton, a counselor and psychology professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, says he expected those who disagree with him to attempt to marginalize his views -- but he says he was surprised Magellan could not make a decision based on principle.

"I think it's tragic that a billion-dollar company charged with the mental health care and well being of 60 million subscribers can be, in a sense, bullied by people who disagree with client self-determination," he states.

According to Throckmorton, Dr. Rodriguez admitted to being more concerned about backlash from homosexual activists than conservatives.

I guess since Liberals ignore parts of the First Amendment so often, that's why they've invented new, imaginary parts of it.

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Think before you drink

I don't go to bars, never have. The idea of going to a bar to meet women (when I was single) just was never very appealing, since I seriously doubt I'd have had much in common with any of the women there. But, people do it all the time. I know that women are now leery about who they talk to, and especially who they let near their drink, since there are guys that will slip them the “date rape” drug, and they'll find themselves in some strange apartment the next morning with no idea what or who happened.

Now it turns out guys need to be afraid too.

A Seminole Heights man accused of giving illegal “date rape”' party drugs to other men and then sexually assaulting them pleaded not guilty Wednesday and remains in jail with no bail set.

Steven Lorenzo, 45, formerly of 213 W. Powhatan Ave., waived his right to appear in U.S. District Court, and a not- guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

At the same time, documents show, a seventh person was added to the list of men Lorenzo is accused of sexually attacking between 2000 and 2003.

So you wake up the next morning, in some strange place, strange bed, and some strange guy is grinning at you. It could be worse...he could have made video and put it on the internet...but then how would you know he didn't?

One of the men Lorenzo is accused of drugging was found dead. Another remains missing.

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Dangerous plans

From NewsMax:

Clinton accuser Peter Paul will be allowed to testify against the finance chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign after pleading guilty in an unrelated stock fraud case in a Long Island courtroom yesterday.

The government required that Mr. Paul plead guilty in the stock fraud case before it would consider using him as a witness against David Rosen, Clinton's former finance chairman, the New York Times reported on Tuesday....

But Paul's testimony could spell just as much trouble for Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party's likely 2008 presidential nominee.

Before meeting with U.S. District Judge Leonard D. Wexler, Paul told the New York Sun that he was eager to testify against Mr. Rosen at trial, and potentially against Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.

"I have come to take responsibility for my actions and put myself at the mercy of the court. Senator Clinton has not," he declared.

Wonder if he'll “commit suicide” or die in a plane crash?

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Yeah, but how can ya stay mad at the people that gave us Pizza!

From ABCNews:

Disputing Washington's version of events, Italy's premier said that an Italian intelligence agent who was shot to death by U.S. troops in Baghdad had informed the proper authorities that he was heading to the airport with a freed hostage.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi also told lawmakers that the car carrying agent Nicola Calipari and a just-liberated hostage was traveling slowly and stopped immediately when a light was flashed at a checkpoint, before U.S. troops fired on the car.

Y'see in order for actual communication to occur, there are three elements required: the source, the message and the destination. The idea that those rescuing Sgrena from her alleged kidnappers had communicated to the Americans at the checkpoint that they were on their way lack those elements. It doesn't matter if the agents told their superiors, if the superiors didn't bother to convey the message to the Americans, does it. Why is that so hard to understand?

There would be a handful of people that are valid witnesses of how fast the car was going. Of course Sgrena is excluded because it's been shown she lies as easily as she breaths. The surviving occupants of the car supposedly say they weren't going fast, but they are now being hidden from the public, and all we have is what someone is telling us one of them (who remains nameless) has said. On the other hand our guys were also there, and they say the car was going fast.

If the Italian government wants us to believe the other occupants, they need to produce them.

Giuliana's Response, Chechnya's Loss” at News Dissector
The Sgrena Case” at Dawson's Danube

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Harvard needs to go to school

I didn't blog about this yesterday, even though I found it interesting, but because I'd pushed it to ward the end of my list of stories to do, by the time I got to it I was getting worn out. First a summary of the initial story:

In a blanket rejection issued Monday, Harvard dashed the hopes of 119 applicants. MIT followed suit Tuesday, rejecting 32 applicants. Carnegie Mellon) was the first to act, delivering the bad news to its "hacker" applicants last week.

The New York applicant said he spent months completing Harvard's rigorous application process. He and two others who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity said they did not consider their actions to be unethical.

Now some details. As I understand it, the online application was written rather poorly, and with little security. Some people, especially older people, still haven't “got” the internet. Each computer that's connected to the internet sends and receives data from people and sites. As you read this (assuming you're still online) your computer is connected to the internet, and actually is therefore a part of the internet. With firewalls and other protections we can section off the parts of our computers we don't want people to have access to, but it's generally the understanding that if you leave it accessible, it's open to the public.

That's hard for a lot of people to grasp. Why, you can't just walk in someone's front door uninvited?!? Yes, but the internet is not someone's house. Each server on the internet is just another computer, not all that much different from the one you're using now. The entire system is open, and to demand people to access it, is more like complaining because people look at your house while driving by.

So what did these “hackers” do? Someone found out that by removing the filename of the page they had access to, they could then have access to a different page not closed off from the public. So they did it, and looked for the results of their application. Now the dimwits at Harvard and other schools consider them “hackers” and unethical, because they dared look at what Harvard (and the other schools) left open and exposed on the internet.

Let's all please continue to laugh and mock the Neanderthals and Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and the other schools so they'll understand what morons they are making themselves out to be, and possibly not punish these applicants for the school's incompetence.

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Of course the MSM is going to buy it

Someone pretending to be a Marine is claiming Saddam's arrest was faked. There's lots of coverage at Outside the Beltway, Michelle Malkin, The NeoConservative, Little Green Footballs, MBLOG, Blather, Badlands, WizBang, Political Puzzle, UnCorrelated and The Daily Brief

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Two for the price of one

Jay Tea at WizBang has an excellent article about Rich Liberals who forget to pay their taxes.

He also has another article that points out even more Liberal stupidity:

Let me see if I can figure this out. Ocean Haven is an ecologically-conscious resort in Oregon that prides itself on "respecting the interdependence & diversity of all life," but doesn't allow pets, smokers, Hummer drivers, or "FOLKS WHO VOTED FOR BUSH & HIS NATURE DESTRUCTIVE POLICIES."

I'll let you go there to read the rest of it.

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