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March 11, 2005

Atlanta court shootings

The latest news is about the shooting in Atlanta of a judge, and several members of his court. James Joyner makes a comment I think many of us agree with.

A disturbing trend, although one I'm surprised has taken this long to emerge. Judges are incredibly powerful and, frankly, often rather arbitrary and smug. It's no surprise that a lot of people are angry at them.

Unfortunately this tends to put judges in the role of victim, at a time when, in truth, they are more and more becoming the victimizers.

Authorities continue to look for the shooter, who escaped.

Our prayers are with the survivors and the families of the victims.

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March the Eleventh

This day in history:

From the Mathematicians of the African Diaspora:

Molly Walsh emigrated from England to the colony Maryland as an indentured slave in bondage for seven years. When her servitude ended, Molly purchased a farm along the Patapsco River near Baltimore. and two slaves. In time she set the slaves free and married one of them, a man named Bannaky (changed from Banna Ka). They had several children, one a daughter named Mary. Mary Bannaky grew up, purchased a slave, Robert, whom she later married and lived on the family farm. On Nov. 9, 1731, a son, Benjamin, was born to Robert and Mary Bannaky.

Benjamin Banneker eventually became a noteworthy surveyor. George Washington (himself a former surveyor) appointed Banneker to a three man team  of surveyors headed by Major Andrew Ellicott, to survey the future District of Columbia. 

It was 216 years ago today that they began surveying the swamp what would eventually become Washington, D.C.

Banneker and Ellicott worked closely with Pierre L'Enfant, the architect in charge. But, L'Enfant couldn't control his temper and was fired by Washington a year later. He left, taking all the plans with him. But Banneker saved the day by recreating the plans from memory.

From ScienceDaily.com:

The Great Blizzard of 1888 (March 11 - March 14, 1888) was one of fiercest blizzards on U.S. record: 400 total deaths were calculated and there are still some missing to this day-- with up to 50 foot (15 m) snow drifts it was definitely a hard period of time. All across the eastern seaboard there was snow walls up to 50 inches (1.3 m) high. 100 people alone were killed in New York City.

The "Great White Hurricane," as it was called, paralyzed the East Coast from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. Telegraph wires were downed, isolating New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington for days. Two hundred ships were grounded, and at least one hundred seamen died. Fire stations were immobilized, and property loss from fire alone was estimated at $25 million. Overall, more than 400 deaths were reported.

I really wonder if the author of the article thinks that there actually remains hope that those “still missing to this day” could be found -- 117 years later?

March 11th, 1917 - British troops occupy Baghdad  
March 11th, 1977 - 34 Israelis killed by Palestinians on the Tel Aviv-Haifa highway 
March 11th, 1977 - Moslems hold 130 hostages in Washington DC 
March 11th, 1978 - Terrorists attack mail truck at Tel Aviv, 45 killed 

Seems we've been caught in some kind of twisted time warp, doesn’t it.

1982 - Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat sign peace treaty in Washington DC 

Both were later assassinated by those who felt they sold out their respective nations.

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A noble gesture, nonetheless

From the Christian Communications Network:

Statement from Gloria Allred, Attorney-at-Law, Representing Robert Herring, Sr.:

We are here today to announce that our client, Robert Herring, Sr., is making an offer to Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo, which could save Terri's life....

Mr. Herring is a successful, socially responsible entrepreneur who spent more than 30 years in the electronics industry as the founder and owner of HERCO Technology. In 2000, Mr. Herring sold HERCO Technology to a New York Stock Exchange listed firm. 

In 2003, Mr. Herring founded WEALTHTV, a lifestyle and entertainment television channel. He is a supporter of and a believer in stem cell research and the medical breakthrough that are occurring in this area. He is married with 5 children and 19 grandchildren and lives in the San Diego area.

He recognizes that unless something is done immediately, Terri Schiavo is not likely to survive very long after March 18th. Knowing that time is of the essence and realizing that he is fortunate enough to be able to help, he has decided to take action.

He contacted me and retained my law firm to convey the following offer to Terri's husband. If Mike Schiavo agrees to transfer the legal right to decide all of Terri's current and future medical desicions to Terri's parents, then Mr. Herring will pay Mr. Schiavo the amount of 1 million dollars (subject to court approval of Terri's parents as her conservators or guardians).

The million dollars was deposited into my law firm's client trust account yesterday and this morning we communicated this million dollar offer in writing to Mr. Schiavo's attorney. 

This offer will remain open until Monday, March 14, 2005 at 5:00 p.m.

Terri's parents already offered to allow him to keep the entire settlement, if he'd turn custody over to them. Michael Schiavo not only refused, in a publicity gimmick he made the same offer to them, if they'd no longer attempt to prevent him from having her killed. 

It's not about the money. If Terri is allowed to recover she could implicate him in his assault on her, and he could go to prison. 

Then there's the matter of Judge George Greer. He's now neck deep in this, and if Michael tried to take the money, and Terri recovered, Greer is exposed for the heartless, inhumane monster he is.

(coverage: Hyscience, What Attitude Problem, National Ledger, Vista, Digital Brown Pajamas)


BPNews reports:

At a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sen. Sam Brownback, R.-Kan., said a new bill to aid the disabled Florida woman is on an expedited route and has the potential for immediate Senate passage. Senators are being asked if they object to the bill, the Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act, with the hope that a unanimous consent agreement might be reached on the bill, he said.

Schiavo's feeding tube is scheduled to be removed March 18 after which she would die within days of dehydration and starvation.

“If there is no objection to it, it could pass even yet today,” Brownback said. “That may or may not happen.”

The House of Representatives has a similar consent mechanism, Brownback said, but it is uncertain how quickly it will act on the measure.

The legislation would give Schiavo and other incapacitated people the legal protections often associated with death row inmates. The measure is based on the “writ of habeas corpus,” which provides the effected person the opportunity for a court review to determine if his/her due process rights have been protected.

The bill is S. 539 in the Senate and H.R. 1151 in the House. Sen. Mel Martinez, R.-Fla., and Rep. Dave Weldon, R.-Fla., are the lead sponsors.

Greer and Michael Schiavo have to be sweating over this. What's interesting are all the comments about how worried George Felos, the drooling death lawyer, is. Felos has bilked Terri for about half a million dollars, and if she lives, loses nothing (unless a new guardian sues). Even then, he's got publicity exposure and could easily afford to pay back the money. Michael and Greer are the ones who've staked their future on Terri's execution.

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The Florida DCF regroups

After George Greer blatantly defied state law, The Florida DCF is weighing their options.

One option for DCF to consider is whether to take Terri into protective custody and to move ahead with an investigation into the charges. That could keep her feeding tube in place and prevent her scheduled starvation on March 18 from taking place.

David Gibbs, an attorney for Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schindler, said the agency could take custody of Terri just as it does children by removing them from homes in abusive situations.

"The courts are telling the Department of Children & Families, 'You can't do your job as mandated by the Legislature,' and I think that's inappropriate," Gibbs told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. "We're obviously waiting to see what they (DCF) will do next, but they certainly have the option of an appeal and taking Terri into custody."

Florida Governor Jeb Bush indicated he was disappointed by the ruling.

"I don't know how DCF can't be involved,'' Bush said. "There's a law that says if the hot line is called and there's a warranted need for an investigation that there ought be an investigation.''

While I am, as a rule, not a fan of social service agencies, in this case I would love to see them take Terri into custody. Unfortunately such an action, if successful, would set a bad precedent for social service agencies to over rule judges. It's sad that judges have elevated themselves to such a level of power that few can remedy the evils of a bad judge.

Michael Reagan has an excellent piece in the Sacramento Union about judicial abuse of power.

coverage: Hyscience (Hyscience also has an excellent piece titled “Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy”)

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Greer must be impeached

From CNSNews:

Pamela Hennessy, media director for the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, in a press release Thursday called on disability and eldercare advocates to press for Circuit Judge George Greer's "immediate impeachment."...

According to the foundation's press release, on Tuesday and Wednesday Greer issued three orders that the foundation said all but assures Schiavo's death. First, Greer ordered that the family may not introduce oral nutrition and hydration following the removal of Terri's gastric feeding tube.

The foundation pointed out that Florida Statute 744.3215 (Rights of Persons Determined Incapacitated) requires that incapacitated people cannot be deprived of food and water.

"Ordering that Terri Schiavo may not receive nutrition or hydration naturally is against the law, in the opinion of the Foundation," it said in a statement.

Second, according to the foundation, Greer ruled that no further neurological tests may be conducted on Terri, using functional MRI to determine if she is in a "persistent vegetative state," as Greer found in 2002, or if Terri is "minimally conscious."

The foundation pointed out that Florida Statute 765.404, which defines persistent vegetative state, requires that the condition be determined and diagnosed as permanent prior to the withdrawal of life-prolonging means. Also, Florida Statute 765.309 prevents mercy killing and assisted suicide.

It remains a mystery why Greer has not been removed from the bench. Could it be that those empowered to protect people from bad judges have become so reticent to the idea of actually removing a judge, they'd rather see murder committed than do what they're paid to do? Who then protects us from them?

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Juggling the Constitution for profit

When Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline demanded that abortion clinics turn over the complete medical records of nearly 90 women and girls for his investigation of underage sex and illegal late-term abortions, pro-death advocates, and the MSM leaped into a screaming fury, claiming he was violating the privacy of the 11 to 14 year-old girls and had no right to such personal information, even though under state law if a girl that age is pregnant -- it is statutory rape.

Getting nowhere with that argument, the pro-death ghouls have succeeded in convincing the Kansas Supreme Court to lift a gag order on a the specific cases, and permit the abortion businesses to contact parents of children whose records are being sought, which could tip off an offender in the statutory rape cases.

So what happened to concerns over “privacy”? Why is it okay to hide the fact that the girls had an abortion from their parents before, but now it's okay?

It’s not about choice -- it’s about making money killing babies.

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The camouflage of “choice”

From LifeNews:

A Chinese man whose wife was forcibly sterilized under China's coercive one-child family planning policy has been awarded asylum in the United States in a landmark appeals court decision. The decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could expand the group of people eligible for asylum who are victims of the forced abortion policies.

Isn't it odd that neither Planned Genocide nor NARAL mention this at all on their web site? I mean, if they are really concerned about choice, one would think that they'd be concerned over forced abortions, wouldn't they? Could it possibly be that it isn't about choice? Surely they wouldn't be using “choice” as a smoke screen to make money murdering babies, would they?

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Getting away with murder

From the Oakland Press:

A doctor who is accused of sexually assaulting patients already traumatized by painful abortion procedures failed to show up for his preliminary exam Tuesday.

Dr. Rodolfo Finkelstein, 55, of Bloomfield Township, who performs abortions locally and in Livonia, faces two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, which carries a potential life sentence if convicted, as well as five other criminal sexual conduct charges.

District Judge Kimberly Small forfeited Finkelstein's bond and ordered a bench warrant at the request of Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Barbara Morrison.

"Right now, he's a fugitive," Morrison said.

Finkelstein's lawyers offered no excuse for his absence....

While on bond, Finkelstein was still practicing at the Women's Advisory Centers in Bloomfield Township and Livonia and he maintains his innocence.

Efforts to require abortion “doctors” to maintain the same level of credentials and requirements as medical doctors are consistently opposed by pro-death advocates, resulting in little if any regulation of the massive abortion industries, which murders over 1.3 million children each year in the United States, and an estimated 46 million children murdered worldwide.

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California schools censor Christians

From Agape Press:

A California school district is being sued for infringing on the free-speech rights of two Christian parents who purchased tiles to be included in a commemorative wall display, but whose contribution to the school project was censored after they arranged their tiles in the shape of a cross.

In the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, parents were recently invited to buy personalized tiles for a wall in a local school as part of a fundraising program. But when Don and Meagan Burrows purchased a group of the commemorative tiles and placed them in the shape of a cross, the district dismantled their symbol, arguing that it violated the so-called separation of church and state.

...and the bigotry continues.

Those who zealously fight to suppress the rights of Christians seem to never tire. We must not either.

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China brags of arresting Christians

From AsiaNews:

China’s courts were not idle in 2004. More than 800,000 people were arrested last year for endangering state security or for being involved in activities regarded as separatist, terrorist or extremist. In total, 811,102 people were held, an 8.3 per cent increase from 2003. The courts last year prosecuted 867,186 people in connection with those crimes....

Clergymen and laity from underground Christian communities are also arrested for “endangering public order”.

What gets me are these people who say we Christians shouldn't be involved in politics. These two stories show the beginnings of anti-Christian bigotry and the eventual results of anti-Christian bigotry. I didn't say the end of anti-Christian bigotry, because that has been repeatedly demonstrated in those cultures that round up Christians for slaughter.

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Accommodating religion

From the Tennessean:

Faced with that difficult decision, Abdi H. Nuur removed his employee badge and walked away last month from his forklift driver’s job at Dell Computer’s Nashville plant. He and 29 other Somali Muslims say they were forced to choose between their faith and their employment.

Now the Metro Human Relations Commission is trying to intervene in a confrontation that pits American-style production quotas against Islam’s requirement that its adherents pray daily when the sun sets.

“They told us that we cannot pray at sunset,” Nuur said. “They told us that we would have to wait for our break.”

He said he explained that while some of Islam’s five daily prayer times are somewhat flexible, the sunset prayer is not. Nor does the sun set at the same time every day.

Big employers in the Nashville area have responded in drastically different ways to their Muslim employees’ requests to slip away from their workstations for about five minutes to pray.

Five minutes?!? Interfering with a person's religion because they're taking five minutes to go pray!!!  That's wrong. The story says that Whirlpool won a court battle to force their Moslem employee to neglect their religious duty. That's outrageous.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of the Jawa Report disagrees saying:

“...the problem with Islamic prayers are that they are set by the solar time of day in Mecca (ie, sunrise and sunset rather than a certain time of day). What do you expect Dell to do, shut down the entire assembly line because a handful of workers can't keep the same schedule?”

My wife works at the local Whirlpool plant, and I asked her about it. she disagrees with me, and thinks it would be too much of a burden on production. I still can't see how five minutes is going to do that much damage that a company'd want to risk offending so much of their potential customer base.

In the end, it is important that we as Christians show the same respect and accommodation for other religions that we would like for ours. I've had bosses that would intentionally schedule Christians to work on Sunday, simply because they didn't like someone telling them how to do their schedule. Belittling someone's religion is wrong -- and I for one, will not be buying a Dell any time soon.

Other coverage: WizBang

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From Novosti:

The Codex Sinaiticus-the oldest of the full extant manuscript Bibles-will eventually appear in a digital form on an unprecedented venture. 

Representatives of the four academic institutions that are preserving Codex fragments have signed a contract in London to digitize this precious religious and literary monument. 

Made in Greek on parchment in the 4th century A.D., the Codex Sinaiticus contained the canonical Old and New Testament books and two apocryphal, the Gospel of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas.

There are quite a bit of details about these documents that are almost always omitted when most modern “Biblical” scholar refers to them. A “fad” emerged in the 19th century, beginning in Germany, of criticizing the Bible, to the point of attempting to discrediting it completely, while still maintaining the lie that one was a “Christian”. One of the more avid critics of the Bible was German pseudo-theologian Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin Von Tischendorf. In his search for document that would disprove the Bible, Tischendorf rummaged through the trash at the Convent of St. Catherine, on Mount Sinai and discovered some old, manuscripts, in poor condition and heavily edited. The monks were in the process of burning them. 

The documents contained a complete New Testament, a large portion of the Septuagint, the Epistle of St. Barnabas, and a fragment of the Shepherd of Hermas. Tischendorf was allowed to copy them, and this copy became the basis for the Codex Sinaiticus.

Dr. F.H.A. Scrivener, who later published in 1864 A Full Collation of the Codex Sinaiticus, wrote about Tischendorf, “of the science of Comparative Criticism, as well as his own discredit for discernment and accuracy.’ . . . we cannot regard him as a man of sober and solid judgment.” Of the Codex Sinaiticus Scrivener wrote, “Codex is covered with alterations of an obviously correctional character—brought in by at least ten different revisers, some of them systematically spread over every page, . . . many of these being contemporaneous with the first writer”

In spite of the obvious flaws in the document, Liberal theologians have insisted that they are more valid than any later manuscripts, even after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which pre-dated the Codex Sinaiticus, amply demonstrated that the accepted manuscript (referred to as the Textus Receptus) had been changed little over the centuries.

Most modern translations of the Bible are based largely on the Codex Sinaiticus and the equally corrupt Codex Vaticanus, (also discovered by Tischendorf) and are therefore unreliable. The King James and a few lesser known translations have not used these corrupt documents, and therefore do not contain the corruptions from Tischendorf manuscripts.

That the Codex Sinaiticus is now in digital form seems quite a waste of time given its history and origin. 

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More bogus news from the Arab Press

WorldNetDaily is now reporting that there is no record of self-proclaimed US Marine who claims Saddam Hussein's capture was staged, ever having served in the Marines. Could he have been part of the secret covert operation sent to free fellow soldier “Special Ops Cody”?

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Dirty Harry couldn't count either

Apparently there's some kind of unwritten code about the number of times a Canadian cop can shoot a suspect. The CBC is reporting a bank robber is suing the cop that arrested him because he claims the cop “shot him three times too many.” Kate at Outside the Beltway wonders if maybe it was one shot too few.

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Next time they may not just talk

From ABCNews:

A group of unarmed Iranians staged a protest aboard a Lufthansa jet at the Brussels airport Thursday, refusing to leave the plane and calling for the return of the monarchy in Iran, officials said.

The plane landed at Brussels International airport at 3 p.m. (9 a.m. EST) on a flight from Frankfurt, and the protesters stayed behind after most of the 59 passengers got off.

What's alarming about this story is that the “protesters” weren't instantly killed by the passengers. That means that people are beginning to forget how vulnerable they are in an airplane, when some whacko wants to make a point. The next time they may not be unarmed.

James Joyner points out how “affective” this kind of protest certainly is (not).

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Let me guess...from the inventors of midnight basketball?

Norway's Prime Minister is in a tizzy because the Swedish company IKEA, which produced home furnishings, shows only male figures in their instruction manuals.

"This isn't good enough," Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik was quoted Thursday as telling the daily Verdens Gang. "It's important to promote attitudes for sexual equality, not least in Muslim nations."

"They should change this," he said. "There's no justification for it."

I'm sure that would make a world of difference to Moslem women, who in many Moslem nations cannot vote or drive, and must cover their faces if they appear in public, to see female characters on the instruction manuals of the furniture their husbands buy. That'll solve the problem, won't it.

Michelle Malkin point out the silliness of Bondevik's whining, and also the bigger problem of hard to understand instruction manuals. Jay Tea at WizBang wonders if Michelle may be suffering from “battered” consumer syndrome.

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Name dropping blogs

James Joyner points out the Washington Post's transparent attempt to name drop blogging in an article having pretty much nothing to do with blogs. By my count there are 13 uses of the various forms of the word blog (blogs, blogging, etc) in an article about wikis -- which are not blogs.

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Bush rage

It's funny that every time I mention the unusually hateful things Democrats did in the last elections, someone's ready with an anecdotal account of something some Republican did somewhere, that supposedly “proves” that both sides are at it. So far, though, I've not heard of any Republican being arrested for trying to run someone off the road just because they had a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker.

Hat tip: WizBang

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Make money by running off customers

I was really looking forward to the next installment of the Star Trek saga. Yes, the last one was a bit disappointing with the exception of Yoda's fight, and Anakin's “tantrum” after his mother died. But now I hear that the next movie, Revenge of the Sith, is too violent for some viewers

The final, long-awaited Star Wars movie is not suitable for children, director George Lucas has admitted. Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith is the darkest, most violent instalment of the series and Lucas expects to get a PG-13 rating in the US. “I don’t think I would take a five– or a six-year-old to this, it’s way too strong,” he said. If his certificate prediction is correct, it will be the first Star Wars film to advise parents that certain scenes are unsuitable for under-13s.

Makes me wonder if it'll be worth watching.

Hat tip: Outside the Beltway

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Why our soldiers shoot at cars that don't stop

A chilling post from Major K (hope he's still not mad at me) explains why Giuliani Sgrena really shouldn't be alive today:

A short distance from our FOB, A US convoy was driving down the road. As they headed to their destination a civilian vehicle pulled on from a side alley and attempted to get into the convoy. Apparently, the convoy gunners were too green or some how did not perceive the car to be a threat. They did not wave the car off, throw anything at him, cut him off, or shoot to try and stop him. A nearby IP (Iraqi Police) SUV witnessed the intruding vehicle and immediately intervened. It pulled up to the rear of the convoy and tried to force the intruding vehicle off the road. The IP’s had successfully put themselves between the vehicle and the US convoy. Unable to deter the vehicle from approaching the US convoy or make it pull over, the IP’s fired at the engine of the encroaching vehicle. At this point, the driver detonated the IED inside his vehicle. Yes, this was a classic VBIED. 

This suicide bomber killed himself and the four IP’s in the vehicle holding him at bay. The device was so powerful that the bomber’s vehicle was literally obliterated. The engine block was thrown over 25 meters. The IP’s vehicle was nothing but a burned out shell. All four IP’s inside perished in the blast, but not a scratch was inflicted on the vehicles or personnel of the US convoy. Had it not been for the exceptional bravery, valor and situational awareness of these four Iraqi Patriots, that day would have been bloodier, and we probably would have had another communications blackout at the FOB.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report (Dr. Rusty Shackleford also has a good comment on Sgrena's magic bullets.)

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Mine usually just scratches me

They say Dogs have owners, but cats have staff. I think this one has taken that a bit further.

A man cooking in his kitchen was shot after one of his cats knocked his 9mm handgun onto the floor, discharging the weapon, Michigan State Police said.

Joseph Stanton, 29, of Bates Township in Iron County, was shot in his lower torso around 6 p.m. Tuesday, the state police post in Iron River reported. He was transported to Iron County Community Hospital.

Coverage: Outside the Beltway, WizBang (he has a pic!)

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Not loaded, eh.

This happened a year ago, but there's video out now of the DEA agent that shot himself while demonstrating gun safety to a classroom full of children. Please excuse the title of the video, I have no control over that.

hat tip: WizBang

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