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March 17, 2005

March the Seventeenth

This day in history:

March 17th, 432 - Patrick, is carried off to Ireland as a slave  

According to legend, on this day in 432, sixteen year old Patrick was carried off into captivity by Irish marauders and was sold as a slave to a chieftain named Milchu in Dalriada, a territory of the present county of Antrim in Ireland.

"I would pray constantly during the daylight hours," he later recalled. "The love of God and the fear of him surrounded me more and more. And faith grew. And the spirit roused so that in one day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and at night only slightly less."

Before long, the voice spoke again: "Come and see, your ship is waiting for you." So Patrick fled and ran 200 miles to a southeastern harbor. There he boarded a ship of traders, probably carrying Irish wolfhounds to the European continent.

Years later Patrick returned and brought the message of Christ's salvation to the Irish people who were steeped in Celtic superstitions. He is also credited with ending slavery in Ireland.

Other legends have it that March 17th was the day he died.

March 17th, 1753 - 1st official St Patrick's Day

March 17th, 1755 - Transylvania Land Co buys Kentucky for $50,000 from a Cherokee chief 

That was a heck of a lot of money back then. Kinda screws up all that nonsense about the Indians having their land stolen from them. We paid less per acre for the Louisiana purchase. The irony is that Indians didn't think of land as something that could be owned, and therefore thought they were tricking the Anglos. They sure pulled one over on us, didn't they.

March 17th, 1836 - Texas abolishes slavery 

This is significant because Texas was the first state to secede from the Union preceding the Civil War. How then, one must ask, could the Civil War be just about slavery? How indeed. Surely the history written by the victors couldn't have been “revised” to make them look better, could it? 

March 17th, 1845 - Bristol man, Henry Jones, patents self-raising flour 
March 17th, 1845 - Rubber band patented by Stephen Perry of London 

Use this to make yourself look smart to your fellow students or co-workers today.

March 17th, 1976 - Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is retried 
March 17th, 1996 - "Getting Away With Murder" opens at Broadhurst NYC for 17 performances 


March 17th, 1919 - Nat "King" Cole
March 17th, 1942 - John Wayne Gacy Jr 
March 17th, 1949 - Patrick Duffy
March 17th, 1951 - Kurt Russell
March 17th, 1955 - Paul Overstreet (Country music song writer))
March 17th, 1964 - Rob Lowe

March 17th, 461 - St Patrick patron St of Ireland, dies in Saul (according to legend) 
March 17th, 1993 - Helen Hayes

•called the First Lady of the American Theater
•first person ever to win a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy in competitive categories.
•had a career than spanned over 80 years beginning as a child actress at age 5
•The lights of Broadway were dimmed for one minute at 8:00 p.m. on this day in 1993 in her memory

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Terri Schiavo update

Received via email from Florida Right to Life via Cheryl Ford:


Your help is urgently needed to pass the Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act (H.R. 1151 and S. 539), also known as “Terri’s Law.”  The bill, as introduced by US Senator Mel Martinez and US Representative Dave Weldon, would provide the Schindler family access to a federal court to argue for the life of their daughter, Terri Schindler-Schiavo.  

Time is precious! Only a massive outpouring from their constituents will move Members of Congress to act quickly enough on this vital bill to give Terri her chance at life.  

For the text of the bill see: http://www.nrlc.org/euthanasia/Terri/FedLaw.html   

For more information (including questions and answers) see: http://www.nrlc.org/euthanasia/Terri/TerriQAHC.html   

To contact your US Senators go to: http://www.capwiz.com/nrlc/issues/alert/?alertid=7222571&type=CO

To contact your US Representatives: http://www.capwiz.com/nrlc/issues/alert/?alertid=7222661&type=CO

Type your Zip Code in the box on screen to send an email directly to your Senators and Representative.  

PLEASE ACT NOW!  Under Court order, Terri’s feeding tube is scheduled to be removed at 1:00pm EST Friday, March 18.

Kevin at WizBang mentions Terri.

Ed at Captain's Quarters has a lengthy analysis of one of the multitude of illegalities in Greer's attempt to invent law from the bench.

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Death by the numbers

Michelle Malkin has an interesting piece about the bogus abortion statistic the pro-death crowd have been touting. The Abortion Industry doesn't want stats to be done, which explains why they have to use bogus ones.

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Religious liberties

Mark Noonan of Blogs for Bush is reporting that the Bush Administration ahs finally decided to do something about the religious persecution in other countries. Let's hope it has some teeth.

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Ward Churchill, again

Michelle Malkin has more on the lunatic Ward Churchill. Seems he's been caught on another tape making some wild threats.

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Moonbat alert

Heads up on this weekends scheduled “moonbat” protests from Michelle Malkin, WizBang (and here), Jawa Report (and here) and Captain's Quarters

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Across the blogosphere

Michelle Malkin still doubts there are really 8 million blogs out there. She offers more proof.

La Shawn Barber has more comments on the demographics of bloggers.

Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost has an attempt at a scientific analysis of blogging trends. Interesting.

Tim Blair demonstrates why traditional journalists are fighting a losing battle.

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Media bias

Leopold Skotch of Outside the Beltway shows another example of the obtuseness of the MSM.

Mark Noon of Blogs for Bush gives another painfully obvious example of blatant media bias.

Ed at Captain's Quarters shows the new methods the MSM are suing to further twist the news.

Eugene Volokh defends Ari Fleischer's book. Unfortunately, he needs a copy, to do so.

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Judicial tyranny

Paul at WizBang reports on a new poll that shows the frustration with judges.

Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush displays some consistency in criticizing a court ruling, that, while the right decision, shouldn't have been the court's to make.

Eugene Volokh reports on a refreshing court decision that shows some judges do still have some brains.

...and then there's ScrappleFace.

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Freedom in Lebanon

News on Lebanon's fight for freedom from the WizBang, Jawa Report, Captain's Quarters and Outside the Beltway.

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Foreign idiots

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of Jawa Report has a good piece on how terrorists in Indonesia have become pirates.

Paul at WizBang and Tim Blair show that Rachel Corrie's stupidity was apparently genetic.

Rusty at Jawa Report also has his “Religion of Peace” update.

Ed at Captain's Quarters covers North Korea's latest nonsense.

Tim Blair also has exposed Liberal, Aussie Margo Kingston's inconsistency. (For the record, you can call me “Yank” all you want to. Doesn't bother me a bit. In fact it's an old American tradition to make fun of yourself. Those Americans whining about it, need to remember who they are.)

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Domestic idiots

Argghhh! tells of another example of Liberalism run-amuck.

Ed at Captain's Quarters has a good laugh at Liberals in their attempt at “rebranding”

Harvey at IMAO has some suggestion for Dan Rather's farewell.

Joy McCann of Dean's World carries the argument female security officers a bit too far.

Todd Zywicki of The Volokh Conspiracy and Tim Blair note University of Alabama student's frustration at their administration lack of...well brains.

John of Argghhh! notes that Philadelphia can't figure out why gun violence is up after they make it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns, but not harder for criminals to get guns.

Jay Tea wonders why Boston is wasting so much of the taxpayers' money....and then wonders some more.

Michelle Malkin tells of how unsupervised and obviously uneducated high school students were allowed to insult returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Ed at Captain's Quarters also comments on the spectacle.

Jay Tea is having a contest to name the Lunatic Left.

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Devaluing women

James Joyner of Outside the Beltway and Eugene Volokh comments on Anne Applebaum's rebuke of Suzan Estrich's whining about women in journalism. In a nutshell Estrich's proposal belittles the talents of worthy, qualified female journalists.

La Shawn Barber is having her own problems being criticized for not being married and daring to call a rapist a rapist. (Do single guys have their qualification questioned based on their marital status?)

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Iraq update

What Liberal knew would never happened is happening while they ignore it. Kevin at Wizbang, James Joyner and Matt at Blogs for Bush celebrate the advances made there.

Meanwhile...Kevin at WizBang and Dr. Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report note in spite of their demands for punishment before any investigation, Italy is less than cooperative with the Iraqi government in trying to find the truth. Maybe it's because, as Tim Blair notes, they are running away, along with several other members of the coalition.

Rusty Shackleford also notes the absurdity of Al Jazeera's accusations, comparing Abu Ghraib to the Holocaust. I wonder if Al Jazeera covered the public hanging in Iran. ( also reported here)

Mark Noonan of Blogs for Bush links to the latest list of good news from Iraq.

Moe Freedman of Dean's World note the inconsistency in reporting about WMDs and looting.

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Homeland insecurity

Mark Noonan at Blog's for Bush note the refreshing change Condoleeza Rice is bringing to the State Department. They may actually decide to be on our side now.

James Joyner of Outside the Beltway remarks of the upcoming release of the Department of Homeland Security's National Planning Scenarios. Let's hope they don't follow Michigan's example and refrain from demonizing homeschoolers.

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The Titanic's deck chairs

James Joyner outlines some of the debate surrounding Social Security reform, but Matt from Blogs for Bush points out that the Democrats still don't have a plan themselves.

Jay Tea of WizBang is waiting for Oliver Willis's resignation.

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Bush country

Ed at Captain's Quarters ponders the Democrats wild antics as they try to block Bush's nominations. Meanwhile, James Joyner and Robert Tagorda of Outside the Beltway, Captain Ed and Dr. Rusty Shackleford all discuss Paul Wolfowitz's nomination.

Blogs for Bush has a link to a transcript of Bush's press conference as well a look at Bush's fund raising successes.

...and then there's ScrappleFace.

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Partial repayment of what's owed

Michelle Malkin comments on efforts to provide free tuition for the children of fallen soldiers.

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Jack Kemp apparently has been a very naughty boy. 

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Chinese fact checkers

Washington Post's Phil Bennet is now claiming the Chinese misquoted him...but according to Michelle Malkin, won't release an actual tape of the interview, so we can be sure. 

...and then there's ScrappleFace.

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Torture is in the eye of the...oh, please not the eye!!

James Joyner exposes the illogic of Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz.

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Law and order

Scott Peterson gets bad news. Robert Blake gets good news. But if we keep redefining crime, it eventually may not matter.

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Strange bedfellows, indeed

James Joyner discusses John Kerry and John Edwards' relationship. Imagine what it was like when the vice-president was the person who go the second most votes in the presidential race.

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Wait'll Howard Dean hears

James Joyner notes the oddity that the MSM would be surprised that some Democrats and Republicans actually get along with each other.

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Exposing envirowhackos

Steve Verdon has an excellent look at the myth of Global Warming.

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Here's to oily moose

Mark Noonan of Blogs for Bush reports that drilling in ANWR is closer to becoming reality.

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Could Dean of Dean's World be on to something new?

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Dropping the “R” bomb

La Shawn Barber criticizes (and justly so) New Jersey Secretary of State Regena Thomas for creating racial tension in a New Jersey parochial school. Captain Ed also comments.

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Please don't feed the Tech guys

My experience with internet connection problem is that the ISP will blame the customer first and make you jump through all kinds of hoops to eliminate that possibility. It's not very comforting that Jay Tea gives an example where it was his fault. Now we'll have more hoops to jump through.

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Humor, ar, ar

Captain Ed thinks Dutch researchers who claim a link between yawning and sex, may be doing it wrong.

Frank at IMAO is surprised to find humor in the Bible. God's got a great sense of humor. Remember every time you see a rainbow, it's there to remind us of God's promise that He'll never destroy the world by rain...by rain...He's got other stuff planned.

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