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March 18, 2005

What not to name your kid

Check out this poor guy. I would be in the courts in a minute changing my name.

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Peter Jennings: Liar or moron?

Peter Jennings just said, "Terri's parent say she can be rehabilitated. But there appears to be no support for that in the medical community."

Is he too stupid to actually do the minimal research it takes to find that 17 doctors have signed affadavits in support of their motion asking Judge Greer to let medical evaluations be performed on Terri in light of recent advances in medical technologies. Or maybe he knows, and is pulling a "Dan Rather"

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Terri Schiavo: This just in...

From Cheryl Ford:

MARCH 18, 2005
4:25 PM



And he's not?!?


But she didn't choose, her adulterous husband did.


He's lecturing on shame? Right.


He's the one using her as a pawn in his political goals to push euthanasia on America.


Let me guess, probably a relative of his mistress. I'm sure Terri was real happy about that.


Well, he would be an expert on the odious, shocking and disgusting, wouldn't he.




Felos is one, really sick insect. 

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Sicko Michael (no not Jackson, Schiavo)

From Bay9news:

A spokesperson for Michael Schiavo says Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed Friday with Michael in attendance.

John Centonze says a prayer service was held first, and that Michael called him to tell him the news after the tube was pulled.

"He was hard to understand," said Centonze. "He was pretty emotional, upset and crying about it. You know, he still loves her. That was the love of his life."

Does it strike anyone else as the height of perverted sickness that Michael Schiavo would send out the brother of his mistress to announce that the murder of his wife has begun? And to top it off -- announce that the adulterer/murderer had the unmitigated gall to hold a "prayer" service before beginning the torture of his wife?!? And then, he tells us Michael's upset, and lie to everyone and say Michael still loved Terri. Remember this is the same slim-wad that asked one of Terri's nurses, "When is that bitch gonna die?"

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The latest news about Terri

Sheryl Ford, Nurse Spokesperson Schindler Foundation, is reporting that Terri's feeding tube has been removed. Also she is reporting that rather than simply capping the tube, it was removed all the way, which means a painful process of removing it, and (we hope) replacing it when Congress decides to find their backbone.

We are witnessing the depth of depravity humans are capable of as Judge Greer declares himself above Congress, and Michael Schiavo flaunts his ability to murder his wife.

UPDATE: Does anyone know why the ProLifeBlogs.com Terri Schiavo aggregator is not processing new blog entries about Terri?

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Live blogging: Terri Schiavo, Part 3

Called the Committee on Government Reform and got a very frustrated receptionist. Once she found out I was a blogger, she remained friendly, but it was obvious she was as far as I was going to get, and I knew more about what was going on than she did. She did slip and say that she was only letting in...I understood the rest to mean "real" journalists.

Called the Florida US Marshall's office back and the guy whose machine they kept transferring me to has now "stepped out of his office".

I did get some more info about why the Federal bills were so confusing. There were 5 separate bills introduced. Harry Reid apparently led the fight to get all the Democrats to agree to one, which they knew would have little effect, and thus the Republicans wouldn't want. That way Reid and his cohorts could lie when people called their office and say that they were not blocking "the bill." Why this subterfuge wasn't explained earlier I don't know. Why Republicans Congressmen are not working with bloggers to get this information out, is also a mystery to me.

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Live blogging: Terri Schiavo, Part 2

Finally got through to someone at the Justice Department that didn't transfer me in mid-sentence. They were honest and admitted they couldn't answer my question (Which Federal law enforcement agency had the responsibility of enforcing a Congressional subpoena?). They transfered me to the FBI.

Now, the FBI has a nice little set up. You have to know the seven digit number of the person you're supposed to be talking to, otherwise you wait several minutes, and then get a busy signal. No humans. (That may be a more significant phrase than it appears)

My cell phone battery is almost dead (we had to get rid of our land lines after being harassed to death by telemarketers) so I'm having to hold the thing up with the charger.

I called the DOJ again and "operator #52" actually allowed me to finish the sentence before transferring me. Guess what. The DOJ has the same black hole system that the FBI has. It looks like both are now transferring people to answering machine limbo. I think I'll try the Florida US Marshal's office again. (What do we pay these guys for, anyway?)

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Live blogging: Terri Schiavo

I called the Florida division of the US Marshall's office to see if they were enforcing the subpoena, got a run around as I was continually transfered to a machine. Called the main line in DC, got some terse guy that said I'd have to call Florida. Called the local office here in Oklahoma, got a much friendlier guy, who said I'd have to call a DC number, which he gave me. Called them to find out that all they were worried about is delivering the subpoena. They claim there are several law enforcement agencies whose job it is to enforce the subpoena, and since they "haven't been asked" they probably aren't enforcing it. They directed me to the Justice Department for who exactly has the responsibility of enforcing a Congressional subpoena. Got lots of quick transfers at the Justice Department then a machine.

Called my local Congressman's office who assured me that he's supporting the bill 100%, but hem-hawed about whether the Congressman is bothering to interrupt his weekend to make sure the subpoena is enforced. I reminded them that a state judge has now declared himself more powerful that the US Congress, and it seems they might want to do something about that. Got the usual routine about introducing/supporting/sponsoring legislation....

...going to make some more calls...

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March the Eighteenth

This day in history:

March 18th, 1895 - 200 blacks leave Savannah, Georgia for Liberia 

From the African American Registry:

On this date in 1895, 200 former African slaves left Savannah, Georgia for Liberia. Much of the aid for this came through the American Colonization Society (ACS).

Among those that opposed slavery there were two distinct camps: those that felt all people could live together, and those that, while, opposed to slavery, didn't think Blacks could stay in American. Abraham Lincoln was an advocate for the second view.

From the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia:

The colonization movement came under the bitter attack of the abolitionists, who charged that in the South it strengthened slavery by removing the free blacks. The blacks themselves were not enthusiastic about abandoning their native land for the African coast.

Fortunately the goals of the ACS and the separatist abolitionists eventually failed and the place of Blacks in American society and culture was recognized. But, again unfortunately, that place wasn't fully recognized until later last century. America would be a much poorer nation in many aspects if the goals of the separatists had succeeded.

March 18th, 1930 - Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh (US) 

The planet, not the cartoon dog.

March 18th, 1931 - 1st electric shavers go on sale in US (Schick) 

Man, I would never have guessed they were available that early.

March 18th, 1937 - Gas explosion in school in New London TX; 298 die 

From NLSE.com:

On March 18, [1937] students [in rural New London, in northwest Rusk County, Texas,] prepared for the next day's Inter-scholastic Meet in Henderson. At the gymnasium, the PTA met. At 3:05 P.M. Lemmie R. Butler, instructor of manual training, turned on a sanding machine in an area which, unknown to him, was filled with a mixture of gas and air. The switch ignited the mixture and carried the flame into a nearly closed space beneath the building, 253 feet long and fifty-six feet wide. Immediately the building seemed to lift in the air and then smashed to the ground. Walls collapsed. The roof fell in and buried its victims in a mass of brick, steel, and concrete debris. The explosion was heard four miles away, and it hurled a two-ton concrete slab 200 feet away, where it crushed a 1936 Chevrolet.

Fifteen minutes later, the news of the explosion had been relayed over telephone and Western Union lines. Frantic parents at the PTA meeting rushed to the school building. Community residents and roughnecks from the East Texas oilfield came with heavy-duty equipment. Within an hour Governor James Allred had sent the Texas Rangers and highway patrol to aid the victims. Doctors and medical supplies came from Baylor Hospital and Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children in Dallas and from Nacogdoches, Wichita Falls, and the United States Army Air Corps at Barksdale Field in Shreveport, Louisiana. They were assisted by deputy sheriffs from Overton, Henderson, and Kilgore, by the Boy Scouts, the American Legion, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and volunteers from the Humble Oil Company, Gulf Pipe Line, Sinclair, and the International-Great Northern Railroad....

Of the 500 students and forty teachers in the building, approximately 298 died. Some rescuers, students, and teachers needed psychiatric attention, and only about 130 students escaped serious injury. Those who died received individual caskets, individual graves, and religious services.

Other sites with info: The Handbook of Texas Online; pictures by Allen Morris, Wylie, Texas Independent School District

March 18th, 1940 - Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany's war against France & Britain 

As if fighting one bone-head dictator wasn't bad enough.

March 18th, 1959 - President Dwight D Eisenhower signs Hawaii statehood bill 

I still find the history of Hawaii, and the way it was declared a US territory suspicious. It is one of two US states that had at one time been their own sovereign nation. Can you guess the other one?

March 18th, 1961 - Poppin' Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy introduced 

That makes him older than me. I find it hard to believe 43-year-old dough could be very “fresh”

March 18th, 1963 - Supreme Court's Miranda Decision: defendants must have lawyers 

Victims, of course, do not require lawyers in order to become victims.

March 18th, 1989 - Investor group led by George W Bush & Edward W Rose purchases controlling interest of Texas Rangers 

Liberals have been digging for dirt in this for years. Maybe they'll invent something like CBS.

March 18th, 1925 - Peter Graves (who needs to do a real remake of Mission: Impossible a whup up on that arrogant Tom Cruise)
March 18th, 1946 - Michael Reagan
March 18th, 1963 - Vanessa Williams
March 18th, 1970 - Dana Owens (aka Queen Latifah)

March 18th, 1584 - Ivan IV the terrible, Russian tsar (1547-84), dies at 53 
March 18th, 1882 - Morgan Earp brother of Wyatt Earp, shot and killed while playing billiards in Tombstone 

Her name was Kathy and after a 1995 car accident left her comatose at the age of 19, she was placed in the Westfall Healthcare Center in Rochester, New York. In 1996 employees there discovered she was pregnant. John Horace, a nurse's aid with a questionable background was arrested and convicted in 1997 of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual abuse and received 8 to 25 years in prison. He now admits to the crime.

On this day in 1996, Kathy gave birth to son. Her family took custody of the boy. John Parrinello, a lawyer for the family, said the boy lives with his grandmother. Exactly a year later, on March 18th, 1997, Kathy died of complications unrelated to the rape or pregnancy.

The State of New York has since enacted "Kathy's Law," intended to protect nursing home patients from abusers.

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Busy day for Terri's supporters

While the Florida House passed the bill intended to save Terri Schiavo's life, the Florida Senate, though, unwilling to be bothered by such trivialities as the impending torture and murder of an innocent woman, rejected it 21-16. If Terri is murdered by her husband and the infamous Judge George "kill all the cripples" Greer, her blood will also be on the hands of those 21 heartless Florida state Senators.

Florida's Second District Court of Appeals also found that they had more important things to do than bother with actually looking at the idiotic rulings of the obviously-insane Judge Greer. You have to understand, they had important stuff like golf games and dinner parties to attend to. Surely the lengthy torture and murder of an innocent, defenseless woman isn't more important than that!

Terri's parent's lawyer appealed to the US Supreme Court, but that was also turned down. Of course, when the MSM say “The Supreme Court” it doesn't always mean the actual court. In this case one, lone “justice”,  Anthony Kennedy decided that he didn't want the full Court to hear the case, and dismissed it. Kennedy is one of the Liberal stealth candidates slipped in during the Reagan administration after the Democrats threw a bawling tantrum with Robert Bork. 

From Focus on the Family:

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy is “the most dangerous man in America” and the prime example of a runaway federal judiciary intent on robbing the people of their right to govern themselves, Focus on the Family founder and chairman Dr. James Dobson said...

Dobson singled out Kennedy for authoring the majority opinions in three of the most egregious examples of judicial tyranny – 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, in which the court affirmed a woman's “right” to abort her preborn child; 1995’s Romer v. Evans, which accused the people of Colorado of being “biased” for denying special rights to homosexuals; and this summer’s Lawrence v. Texas, in which the court extended the so-called right to privacy to include homosexual sodomy -- and cited European legal precedent as one of the justifications for doing so.

So you can see, Terri doesn't stand a chance of getting a fair hearing as long as Kennedy blocks the full court from hearing the case.

Terri's supporters then relied on Congress, but even there, Representatives chose to take a vacation, rather than complete the debate on the joint measure required for the bill's passage.

Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, and Terri's brother Bobby walked the halls of Congress making last-minute requests to support a bill.

The House bill would remove cases like Schiavo's from state courts and allow parents or anyone else with a close relationship to a disabled patient to get a federal court hearing if a feeding tube's removal is pending.


Of course George Bush pulled out his “big guns” and released a “statement”. The leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, and all he's willing to do is release a “statement”

Not to be outdone, Dennis Hastert and Tom Delay also released a “statement”. With all these “statements” maybe the can wall paper Terri's cell...I mean room while she slowly dies of hunger and thirst.

Fortunately there are some people with the brains, backbones and...well.. another set of body parts that start with the letter “B”. The House Government Reform Committee has opened an investigation into Terri's case, and issue a subpoena for her. Since she has now been subpoenaed by Congress, interfering in her ability to testify would be considered Contempt of Congress and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

It's ironic that after decades of abuse by judicial tyrants, a small, defenseless woman seems to be bringing about the much needed clash between Congress and the Courts as well as the Executive branch over what the term “division of power” really means.

Terri Schiavo coverage: Michelle Malkin (and here), Jawa Report (and here), Blogs for Bush, Captain's Quarters, (and here and here), Evangelical Outpost, Life Steward, Pajama Hadin, Hyscience (also here, here, here, here, here, here and here), Ace of Spades (also here, here, here and here), MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, La Shawn Barber, bLogicus (also here and here), GOPInsight, Common Sense Run Wild, BlogsforTerri (also here, here, here, here and here), WizBang, The Volokh Conspiracy

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Stealing from Terri

In an effort to win sympathy, Terri Schiavo's pretend husband has claimed that he has spent all of the money from the malpractice suit he filed. the money was for her medical care, but little of it actually went for that. The vast majority of the money went to lawyers, either in the original malpractice suit, in in the subsequent efforts to have her murdered.

The trouble is, after lining the pockets of various attorneys with the estimated $3 million, Terri's care is now being paid for by taxpayers. So, why isn't the state of Florida demanding the money handed over to lawyers returned, so it can be used for what it was supposed to have been used for?

The Ass. Press  has released a detailed account of what one goes through when being starved to death, conveniently omitting what the person is actually experiencing. The ghouls who like to see handicapped people murdered will claim that it is irrelevant since Terri (who, BTW can been seen smiling and interacting with her family in various videos online) is in a coma and won't feel a thing. Watch the videos and judge for yourself. Or better yet, ask Kate Adamson, who experienced it.

After my stroke, I suffered from locked in syndrome. I spent 50 days in the ICU. During those 50 days, I was conscious and could feel everything. I could feel pain, but was unable to move any part of my body. I was totally trapped in my body. Fed by a tube surgically placed in my stomach, breathing only by using a tube surgically placed in my throat. I could not speak, could not eat, could not drink, and could not move. My body was trapped, unable to move and remained in a rigid death-like position, that my body had assumed....

When the feeding tube was turned off for eight days, I thought I was going insane. I was screaming out in my mind, "Don't you know I need to eat?" And even up until that point, I had been having a bagful of Ensure as my nourishment that was going through the feeding tube. At that point, it sounded pretty good. I just wanted something. The fact that I had nothing, the hunger pains overrode every thought I had.

I don't expect the Ass. Press to cover that.

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The sacred cow of choice

From LifeNews:

A Kansas state House committee endorsed legislation that would further regulate abortion businesses in the state. Lawmakers said the bill was needed because of two recent cases of women apparently dying at a Wichita abortion facility this year....

Under the legislation, each medical director of an abortion facility must be a licensed surgeon and a nurse or physician's assistant must be present for all abortions performed.

The new legislation would ensure that the seven abortion facilities in Kansas are licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The abortion businesses would have to follow a slate of regulations that are similar to ones legitimate medical surgical centers must follow.

Julie Burkhart, a spokeswoman for abortion facility run by late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller, called the bill "prejudicial" because it only regulates abortion facilities.

It is at Tiller's abortion business where women died from abortions in January and February.

The bill would only regulate abortion mills because other medical facilities are already regulated.

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“No, really, it's raining. It just looks yellow.”

From WorldNetDaily:

Warning of divine retribution and possible violent protest, evangelical Christians and rabbis from the United States have joined forces with ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel to fight plans to hold an international gay festival in Jerusalem this summer. 

News sources report the WorldPride Parade, last held in Rome in 2000, is a 10-day event including street parties, workshops and a gay film festival. Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox Jewish Mayor Uri Lupolianski says he is powerless to interfere as public events are licensed by the police, not City Hall. 

The sub-heading for the article is “Unusual coalition formed to sign petition opposing 10-day homosexual event”. Unusual? Have the writers and editors at WorldNetDaily never heard the term Judeo-Christian values?

As for the warning of violence, it's been a fairly predictable aspect of these “celebrations” that many of the revelers attempt to be as outrageous as they possibly can. While our culture in America has been deluged with secular humanism enough that homosexual behavior is treated as “normal” in other parts of the world it is seen, justly so, as something as deviant as pedophilia or bestiality. To shove their perversion in the face of such a devoutly religious society as that, is to beg for violence. One must wonder if that isn't exactly what they want, and are planning for.

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Geographic cheats

Embarrassed at the failure of government schooled kids to win over homeschooled kids at the National Geographic Bee, organizers stooped to shady tricks.

Last year's state champ in the National Geographic Bee won't be able to compete in this year's contest due to a little-publicized rules change, his parents said. 

Matt Savage, a home-schooled seventh-grader from Francestown, had already won a school-level Bee at Great Brook School in Antrim. But after his win, officials with the Bee called and told parents Larry and Diane Savage that he couldn't go on to the state contest because of rules governing how home-schoolers can enter the event....

Matt's disqualification had to do with a change in how home-schoolers take part in the competition. Prior to this year, the Savages said, it was possible for home-schoolers to take part by competing in local competitions held at schools, an option denied to public school students attending a school not hosting a local bee. This year, though, the rule was changed so that home-schoolers could only compete through contests which home-school associations had set up....

Mrs. Savage said the rule was mentioned — but it was mentioned in the rule book, which they didn't have, and also on the frequently asked questions page of the Bee's Web site. According to Mrs. Savage, parents whose children had competed in the Bee before wouldn't likely check the FAQ section for information, but would have noticed a large front-page advisory.

The National Geographic Bee is a contest for students in fourth through eighth grades. Contests are held at the school, state and national levels, with the national winner earning a $25,000 college scholarship.

"We're sorry this happened," said Mary Lee Elden, the National Geographic Society's director of geography competitions, "but our lawyers tell me I have to follow the same rules for everybody. If you don't, that's when a contest becomes unfair. 

"It's pretty clear by the rules," Elden said, regarding the entry qualifications, "and the teacher acknowledged he didn't read it."

You can almost hear the smugness in her voice, can't you. Do they really think people won't know this is intentional? Do they really think it won't tarnish the contest, so that the winner this year will have to endure the comments, “Yeah, you won, 'cause they cheated”? Do they really think homeschoolers won't figure it out and study the rules with a fine tooth comb each year?

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Now, where is the Taj Mahal?

From IOL in South Africa:

Members of the Hindu community are in a uproar after viewing Ford's latest television advert, which they say is disrespectful and misrepresents their religion.

The advert, which has been screened on television recently, features a man who appears to be a guru with Lord Shiva in the background and makes reference to karma.

Brindaveni Naidoo, a 23-year-old administration manager, said: "What angers me about the advert is the association between the Hindu religion and materialism. 

The advert does this by using the statue of Lord Shiva in the background while the man is trying to convince viewers to buy the car. Hinduism is based on spiritual enlightenment and not on wealth, as the ad suggests."

Well, the truth is, the concept of Karma as well as Hinduism works much like Communism to help rich, powerful people rationalize their cruelty toward the poor and weak, so it very much is about materialism. In Hinduism one believes that one's life is the result of the good or bad done in previous lives. Therefore wealth and power are a reward for having lived a “good” life previously and poverty, sickness etc. are punishments for having been “evil” in a previous life. Hindus therefore believe that to help someone poor or sick or injured is to interfere with their Karma, and condemn them to another life of punishment.

Nice rationalization to keep you from feeling guilty about being filthy rich while the masses die in sickness and starvation around you, as you do nothing to help. You can see it in action in India today.

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Nazi Yarns and Tales

From Arutz Sheva:

The New York Times consistently buried Holocaust news in its back pages and downplayed the victims' Jewish identity. So states the first scholarly study of how the Times covered the Nazi genocide. 

"Buried by The Times: The Holocaust and America's Most Important Newspaper," by Prof. Laurel Leff, has just been published by Cambridge University Press. 

Among the book's key findings, according to The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, are the following:

* Holocaust news was consistently relegated to the Times' back pages. Of the 1,186 articles that the Times published during 1939-1945 about Europe's Jews, only 26 (about two percent) of them appeared on the front page, and even those articles "obscured the fact that most of the victims were Jews."

* New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, an assimilated Jew of German descent, feared that the newspaper would be engaging in special pleading and thus deliberately downplayed news of the Holocaust and the Jewish identity of the victims.

* The Times only rarely published editorials about the annihilation of Europe's Jews, and only once ran a lead editorial about the Nazi genocide.

* Because of its importance, the Times helped set the tone for the rest of the media's coverage of Holocaust news; the Times "might have been able to help bring the facts about the extermination of the Jews to public consciousness ... [instead,] the Times helped drown out the last cry from the abyss."

* When the Nazi death camps were liberated, the Times' coverage downplayed the fact that the victims and survivors were overwhelmingly Jews.

Same kind of stuff they've always done. Ignore reality, invent their own. 

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A band-aid on a broken leg

From the Ass. Press:

The United Nations has fired one employee and suspended six without pay over allegations of sexual misconduct in the peacekeeping mission in Congo, the U.N. spokesman said Thursday.

The allegations of sex abuse in Congo and several other peacekeeping missions by both soldiers and civilian employees have severely tarnished the United Nations' reputation, and led to promises of reform and swift justice.

Well then that's it, isn't it. Problem solved. Crucify a few scapegoats, shuffle around the guilty and pretend it never happened. 

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Husband of the year

Four years ago, when they had been married for 29 years, Carol Jewell's husband, John, was dying of kidney failure, so she gave him one of her kidneys. John has since recovered fully, but in the mean time Jewell was diagnosed with breast cancer. His wife now ill, he now in good health, John decided to reward his wife for her selflessness and loving...by having an affair. Oh, she knew about it, but she was in no condition to complain.

Now that cancer is in remission, John has decided to run off with his mistress and leave Jewell, tossing 33 years of marriage down the toilet.

"I'm not vindictive towards him at all,'' she said. ''I'm more upset than anything else and I try to look forward and not look back. Life's too short so I try not to be bitter about it. We were married for 33 years and you can't change that. I'm a very positive person, I think that's why I got over cancer. If you can do that, you can do anything."

Save this story guys. When your wife gets unappreciative of you, whip it out and show her what a good deal she got.

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Arkansas politics

From NWANews:

Rep. Mark Martin, R-Prairie Grove [Arkansas], wants the state to teach, along with the theory of evolution, the theory that "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause and not by an undirected process such as natural selection." Martin, who describes himself as conservative Christian, said he doesn’t want schools to teach children that God exists or that evolution is wrong. Scientific teaching simply should take on a more "agnostic" view, he said. 

When he presented his House Bill 2608 to the Committee on Rules, the only discussion was why the bill had been assigned to that committee and not the Committee on Education, of which Martin is a member. Martin said he was puzzled, too, and said he can only assume it was a mistake. 

After explaining his aims with the legislation, no one on the committee made a motion to recommend the bill to the House.

In other words the bill was defeated by a political gimmick -- assign it to a committee of people you know will let it die, regardless of whether that committee has anything to do with the bill. Like they say, the less you know about what goes into making law and sausages, they better off you are.

The zealots of the religion of Evolution now remain in control of the government schools in the state of Arkansas as they do in the rest of the nation.

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Population and Economic in Merry Ole England

From the Independent:

A drastic slump in birth rates combined with an ageing population will undermine Europe's prosperity within the next 20 years unless life is made easier for parents and immigration is encouraged, according to a European Commission report.

The document published yesterday points to a demographic timebomb and a widening gap between the European Union and the United States, as European workers age and birth rates lag across the continent.

The document points out that the fertility rate in Europe is "insufficient to replace the population" and adds: "Never in history has there been economic growth without population growth."

More controversially, the green paper also concludes that "ever larger migrant flows may be needed to meet the need for labour and safeguard Europe's prosperity".

Uh...hey, English dudes...has it not occurred to you that immigration these days is almost always from less developed nations, and in Europe the greater part of that is from the Middle East. You think you got economic problems now, wait till a good chunk of your population still have the attitudes that made third world toilets, third world toilets.

Immigration is great when they come in expecting to become part of the culture, rather than building a bubble of the culture they just left. In the former they outdo the locals, in the latter they bring with them the very problems they were expecting to escape.

By the way, why is it the UN keeps whining about over population if you guys say you're losing people? Could it be they always hold their meetings to discuss overpopulation in overpopulated cities, rather than in the 99% of the rest of the world that has a manageable population density? The problem isn't over population, it's too many people (must refrain from calling names) who for some unexplainable reason choose to pack themselves together like sardines in cities like New York City, Cairo or Mexico City. 

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Censorship or bug?

From PoliTech:

Websense is now blocking foxnews.com as an advocacy group. I really don't have any comment about this, except that cnn, msnbc, etc. are not blocked at all except for their sports sections.

Websense is an internet filtering company. I called them and got a whole lotta answering machines (I hate answering machines) until I finally got a hold of someone in the Public Relations department that didn't want to be quoted. He said that it might have something to do with the way the sites are recognized, but that they wouldn't classify FoxNews as an advocacy group. He (presumably using their filter) was able to pull up FoxNews, so he thinks it might have been regional. He said he'd make sure it got up the channels that people were complaining of it.

Cyber Patrol pulled a similar stunt a few years back when they censored the NRA and the AFA, while not using the same criteria for leftist groups.

coverage: La Shawn Barber

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Professional blogger?

James Joyner links to and comments on a John Hawkins interview with Henry Copeland of BlogAds. The interview is interesting if not a bit overly sunshiny as well as vague. James seems to think the 100,000 visitors per day is the marker for full time blogging, but according to the Ecosystem Traffic Ranking, only 5 blogs are at or past that mark.

I think the earning potential for blogs is underestimated because of the lack of real exploitation of the traffic. I get the impression that for most bloggers it's simply a hobby or even a therapeutic release. Profit is a secondary consideration. Some see it as an avenue for career advancement in writing, which, if your blog is successful, it certainly seems to work that way.

With any money-making venture the laws of supply and demand rule. On the supply side, quality is a key factor, although not by itself. Exposure has to be there. There can be quality blogs that lack exposure, and unfortunately also low-quality blogs that have somehow managed to get lots of exposure. Those that make the best of both succeed in drawing the visitors...which is the demand.

On the demand side, I feel that the quality of blogs will have a large determination on the number of blog readers there are. I generally don't qualify statements with words like “I feel” but in this case there are factors that could make such a prediction meaningless, and they are fairly unpredictable factors. People who wouldn't normally be a blog reader, could be pulled into it if exposed to the right blog. As blogs become more and more popular, more and more people will seek them out. The natural, “survival of the fittest” of free consumerism will elevate the good blogs to the top, and leave the bad ones at the bottom.

If a blog is used as a focal point for promotion of something the blogger himself  (or herself) is doing, then the usefulness of the blog as a part of the author's source of income multiplies significantly. For instance, La Shawn Barber is using her blogs as exposure to become a writer. Roger Simon is already a published author, and apparently uses his blog to help widen his exposure and therefore his books as well. Many in the upper ranks of the Ecosystem are routinely used on cable news shows, creating a cross promotion of their own value as expert guests as well as their blogs.

Relying on ad revenues alone is really an inefficient way of making your blog pay, and hoping for one of those spots in the “100,000 visitors a day club”, is a bit of a pipe-dream for most of us. 

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Andre Norton

From the Tacoma, Washington News Tribune:

Science fiction and fantasy author Andre Norton, who wrote the popular "Witch World" series, has died. She was 93.

Her death was announced by friend Jean Rabe, who said Norton died Thursday of congestive heart failure at her home in Murfreesboro, a Nashville suburb.

Norton requested before her death that she not have a funeral service, but instead asked to be cremated along with a copy of her first and last novels.

Born Alice Mary Norton on Feb. 17, 1912, in Cleveland, she wrote more than 130 books in many genres during her career of nearly 70 years. She used a pen name - which she made her legal name in 1934 - because she expected to be writing mostly for young boys and thought a male name would help sales.

In all honesty, I thought she'd already died. I'd read a ton of her books, and found them fascinating. I just finished reading “The Zero Stone” to my kids a few months ago. I never cared much for her fantasy books, but enjoyed the Science Fiction, as well as her first novel “The Prince Commands”. I avidly devoured every one of her books that wasn't obviously fantasy, during my high school years. She did have a tendency to be a touch dark, in the sense that there always seemed to be this depressing gloom that drifted through her books, but she still took creative ideas and worked great stories out of them.

I still remember curling up with “Breed to Come” (which she dedicated to her cats), while suffering from what I thought was a seriously, bad cold, high up in the Colorado Rockies. (I later found out it was altitude sickness). A fascinating book, although I wished it had ended differently.

While maybe not as creative as her other books (that I've read), I believe my favorite (which I still have a copy of) is “The Last Planet”, but then I always was a sucker for a happy ending.

Hat tip: Dean's World

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