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March 22, 2005

Email Jeb Bush with this idea!!

My wife suggested a beautiful plan. Jeb Bush should accept Michael Schiavo's invitation to visit Terri, and bring a glass of water.

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Terri Schiavo Update: Nurse fired for telling the truth about Hospice

This just in from Cheryl Ford:







Remember George Felos, the euthanasia advocate who is Michael Schiavo's attorney and who has bled off the greatest part of the money supposed to go for Terri's health care, used to be on the board of directors for the parent company of that hospice. That his name is no longer listed is more than likely merely a public relations gimmick. She is there so the employees can be forced to keep quiet. This is proof.

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March the Twenty-second

This day in history:

March 22nd, 1457 - Gutenberg Bible became the 1st printed book 
March 22nd, 1622 - 1st Indian (Powhattan) massacre of whites, Jamestown VA; 347 slain 
March 22nd, 1794 - Congress bans US vessels from supplying slaves to other countries 
March 22nd, 1841 - Cornstarch patented by Orlando Jones
March 22nd, 1903 - Niagara Falls runs out of water because of a drought 
March 22nd, 1960 - 1st patent for lasers, granted to Arthur Schawlow & Charles Townes 

The picture to the right was taken on March 22nd, 1962. It's of a very brave SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) member who staged a one man protest of a Ku Klux Klan rally in Georgia. While I don't condone all of the tactics the SNCC used, in this case I have to applaud the courage and dedication of this guy. I have no idea what his name is or what he's doing these days, but if someone reading this does, and sees him -- give him a pat on the back and a grin and a hearty, “Dude, you are waay cool!”

March 22nd, 1887 - Chico [Leonard] Marx
March 22nd, 1908 - Louis D L'Amour (author of more Western novels than you can shake a stick at)
March 22nd, 1923 - Marcel Marceau (!)
March 22nd, 1931 - William Shatner
March 22nd, 1948 - Andrew Lloyd Webber
March 22nd, 1959 - Matthew Modine
March 22nd, 1970 - Reggie White

March 22nd, 1758 - Jonathan Edwards theologian/philosopher, dies at 54 

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Clinton nominated judge rules for death

FoxNews is reporting that the Klintoon appointed Federal judge assigned the Terri Schiavo case has refused to stay her execution (okay, they didn't use those exact words)

U.S. District Judge James Whittemore said the 41-year-old woman's parents had not established a "substantial likelihood of success" at trial on the merits of their arguments.

What a moron.

The case is being appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. Let's hope there are some human being on that court.

Coverage: Captain's Quarters, Blogs for Terri, HyScience

This ruling comes after the judge took a nice long time deciding it. I'm sure he went home and had a nice meal -- while Terri stomached cramped fro lack of food. He probably had something nice and cool to drink -- while Terri's mouth dries up,  lips crack and tongue swells for lack of water.

coverage: Outside the Beltway (and here), Blogs for Terri (and here), Michelle Malkin, WizBang

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Neurologist who examined Terri says she can swallow and eat by mouth

From BPNews:

A doctor close to the Terri Schiavo case told the Florida Baptist Witness that the 41-year-old disabled woman could actually be fed orally if it were allowed.

"The important thing for people to understand is that she can eat and swallow right now,” said William Hammesfahr, a neurologist who has examined Schiavo. He is in many of the videos circulated through the news media showing that Schiavo is at times responsive and aware.

"They are truly withholding food from a person who is awake, alert, and can eat and swallow,” Hammesfahr said. After spending at least 10 hours with Schiavo several years ago, he told Florida Judge George W. Greer that she can improve with therapy.

This is another of those doctors that the MSM like to pretend do not exist. While Dr. Melvin Greer and Dr. Peter Bambakidas spent a combined total of less than two hours with Terri before proclaiming her in a PVS -- inspite of very clear evidence to the contrary, Dr. Hammesfahr spent ten hours with her. It's unclear how many hours well-known pro-euthanasia advocate Dr. Ronald Cranford spent with Terri, but given his background it is amazing anyone would take him seriously. But then this whole case is about making a complete mockery of the judicial system in order to murder an innocent woman, so it wouldn't surprise me if the started quoting Dr. Seuss as a medical expert.

coverage: Blogs for Terri, RW Conspiracy, HyScience

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The fight in Florida not over

From LifeNews:

Congress may have approved legislation designed to help Terri Schiavo and President Bush may have signed it. However, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and pro-life groups want the Florida legislature to pass a bill that would be more comprehensive than the one passed in Washington.

Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, praised Congress and his brother, the president, for their actions. With a federal district judge likely to rule against the Schindlers in their efforts to prevent Terri's starvation death, a Florida bill is needed.

''I don't believe [the congressional bill] takes away responsibility of the Florida Legislature or this office to act in a way that deals with these issues going forward and deals with Terri Schiavo,'' Bush told the Miami Herald newspaper Monday.

I'm glad they're continuing to fight.

Dr. Gary Cass, executive director of Coral Ridge Ministries' Center for Reclaiming America, took more than 200,000 petitions Monday afternoon to the Florida legislature urging them to pass a bill.

"I support legislative, judicial and executive efforts that will stop the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo," the petition says.

Kate Adamson, a formerly paralyzed stroke victim had her own feeding tube removed for eight days. She joined Cass at a press conference to ask for a bill to be approved.

There's a good documentary I recommend on the political fallout of this case were Terri to be allowed to be execute by Judge Greer -- it's title “Schindler's List

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Terri's parents get to see her, say she's doing well

From LifeNews:

Terri Schiavo is still responsive and in good spirits despite being deprived of food and water for three days, her parents said on Monday. She is also looking forward to receiving nutrition and seemed pleased to hear President Bush signed a bill helping her do that.

Terri's father joked around with Terri in an early Monday morning visit and told her to get ready for him to take her to breakfast, he told news outlets in an interview.

"I told her if she was ready, to take a ride to get some breakfast, and she gave a great smile," Bob Schindler said outside Woodside Hospice where Terri lives.

Schindler said Terri is beginning to show signs of the effects of the dehydration on her body. He told the Associated Press that Terri appears to be tired, but eventually responded to his teasing by making a face at him.

"It tells us she's still with us,'' he said. 

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri's sister, also participated in the visit and told Terri news of the president signing a bill on her behalf allowing her parents to take their case to prevent her starvation to federal courts.

"She seemed to be very pleased, and we're pleased," Bob Schindler said of telling Terri the news, according to a report by the French Press Agency.

I know, those wanting Terri to die will claim the family is just imagining her responses, but then one must ask -- if she's completely unaware of what's going on around her, how would she suffer if allowed to live?

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The media is biased?!? No! Surely not!

From LifeNews:

Raimundo Rojas, the Hispanic outreach director for the National Right to Life Committee, has been following the Terri Schiavo sage closely.

"The press has the facts wrong, they have consistently used the wrong language, and there is a repeated effort in all that you read and here in the media an urgency to sway the American people that Terri is somehow less then human," Rojas told LifeNews.com.

"As American troops began their successful siege of Baghdad, the Iraqi Minister of Information declared that there were no Americans in Baghdad and that if there were they were hurling themselves from the city walls," Rojas explained. "This same kind of blind, monolithic, type of reporting is what we are seeing the mainstream media in regard to Terri Schindler."

I outlined a number of these yesterday.

coverage: Captain's Quarters (and here), Blogs for Terri (and here), bLogicus (and here), HyScience (and here), WizBang

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Don't they call that fishing in a barrel?

MSNBC is reporting that their carefully hand picked legal experts agree with the cable network's own propaganda, that all legal efforts to keep Terri alive will fail. In a related story the Flat Earth Society claims scientists admit earth is flat.

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Terri Schiavo: Observations and links

Bumper sticker for Liberals: 

Congress has no business denying an adulterous husband's right to torture his wife to death!

Good OpEds about Terri Schiavo:

David Limbaugh: What if Terri wants to live?

Donald May: Terri’s Case -- It’s All About Money, Power, and Our Constitution

General and miscellaneous Terri Schiavo coverage: Michelle Malkin (and here), WizBang (and here), Jawa Report, Argghhh!, LaShawn Barber, Right Wing News, Blogs for Terri (and here), Common Sense Run Wild, GOPInsight (and here, here and here), bLogicus, RW Conspiracy (and here), HyScience (and here and here), Pajama Hadin, La Shawn Barber

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Taking a closer look at the law, Terri and Judge Greer

The purpose of law or a legal system for that matter is very simple, and basically selfish. We want some power to prevent people from doing something to us that is bad. We've extended that throughout the millennia to also include power to keep people from doing things that are simply bad, whether or not it affects other people. (Yes, I know Libertarians dislike that concept). At the heart of any legal system must exist a core of some kind of morality. Inspite of the incessant whine from Liberals that we cannot legislate morality, every law is a legislation of morality.

The Nazis felt that gassing Jews was a moral thing. Other didn't. We imposed our morality on them and ended the holocaust. But if we play the game that morality is relative, then we have a serious problem. Ultimately someone's morality will conflict with someone else's. Typically the majority's? But our nation was founded on many principals of justice, not the least of which, the idea that the majority should not oppress a minority. But if morality is relative, how can that ever be resolved?

It can't. The idea that morality is relative is a mind game people play in order to rationalize their chosen vices. But it's a game that's become a part of our legal system. We have allowed the nose of the camel of euthanasia under the edge of our tent, and now we have it's big hairy head in our lap, fending off it's long slimy tongue. It's been barely 60 years since we saw first hand what happens when the camel comes all the way in. The smoking chimneys of Auschwitz should not be that faded in our collective memories.

But the putrid evil of euthanasia is here, albeit so subtly in so many way. When my great grandmother died, I was told that in the hospital, when the alarms sounded, and aunt who'd been a nurse shouted, "No code blue! No code blue!" none of the family knew what she was talking about, and none said anything. My great grandmother was allowed to die. Being from a somewhat stoic Arkansas family, when they found out what had happened, they kept quiet, not wanting to raise a ruckus. After all my grandmother had lived a long life -- but one family member made the decision to end her life, rather than letting it be in God's hands.

When my own mother died, doctors pestered my dad to simply let her die as they worked to keep her heart going. Much to his credit, and something I hold as a tribute of honor to his integrity and strength, he told the doctors, “You just keep doing whatever you can.” In a short time God took the decision out of their hands, and my mother passed away. 

But every day our doctors and medical professionals play the game of pretend. Pretend they have amazing powers to keep people alive -- when the truth is they don't. Pretend the person is worse off than they are -- when the truth is, they are covering their butts. Pretend there's nothing wrong with taking a human life because it's inconvenient -- when it is, and always has been.

And now we have a serious quandary. While playing this pretend game, with the willing collaboration of lawmakers and judges -- the law has become polarized from morality. Sunday we watched as those wanting to save Terri Schiavo's life spoke of morality, while those wanting to kill her spoke of law. It is frightening to see that our law has become so divorced from basic morality that the “rule of law” is used daily to perpetrate horrible immorality. What was even more frightening is that those wanting Terri to die, also use the veneer of religion to whitewash their evil. The same bigots who would, in a moment, strip the rights of a Christian, Moslem or Jew who wanted to express their religious ideas in public, paraded themselves out as some sort of grotesque mockery of pseudo-religious self-righteousness.

Even the Main Stream Media has joined suit and intentionally censor and even lie about the facts of Terri's case. Online polls are touted as proof of the public opinion, yet most are easily manipulated, and are therefore proof only that those who are willing to cheat -- want Terri dead.

In the end we have people who are so shallow and self centered they cannot conceive that the love and self-sacrifice Terri's parents have been begging to give her is actually real. They don't want to just allow people to “throw away” relative that inconvenience them -- they want those people deemed unusable, undesirable or inconvenient to be “put away” by force of law. We have people who have participated in the murder of incapacitated relatives who now must fight to maintain the sick illusion that cold blooded murder is “compassionate”.

Judge George Greer's parents died a short time before he first ran for the bench. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are unavailable, and inspite of research, people have been unable to find any details. Did Greer euthanize his own parents? Is that why he ignores and breaks the law to make sure Terri Schiavo dies? Is he using Terri as part of his own sick rationalization for justifying his own deeds? As a judge he would have the power to close records detailing the circumstances of his parents' deaths, but if indeed he did participate in the euthanasia murder of his own parents, he would be wholly unqualified to act as judge in this case -- which he has held hostage for almost two decades.

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35,000+ dead...

LifeNews is reporting that after years of injuring and even killing patients seeking to murder their babies, Mississippi authorities have finally decided to think about maybe investigating abortionist, Dr. Malachy Dehenre.

Of course, the 35,000 babies he has butchered are irrelevant to the authorities.

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Save the children, just not those children, right?

From The Christian Post:

The last 30 from a group of 131 Sunday school leaders and children have been released from custody, but a further church leader has been arrested, a UK-based a Christian human rights charity reported Monday.

“While we are relieved all those arrested in February have now been released, this latest arrest of a church leader concerns us deeply,” stated Stuart Windsor, National Director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. “The Eritrean regime seems to be pursuing with impunity an increasingly aggressive campaign against the churches.”

According to CSW, the children were attending their classes at an Eritrean Orthodox church in the capital Asmara when they were rounded up by police on Feb. 19. The children were then taken to a police station where their names and addresses were registered. 

After being held for nearly four hours, the children aged two to 14 were released and told to come back on the following Monday with their parents. Meanwhile, the remaining group of 30 children were transferred to Police Stations Number 7 and Number 4 where they were reportedly detained until the recent release.

The United Nations is proud to have the nation of Eritrea sit on its Human Rights Commission.

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Building nations without chests

Also form The Christian Post:

Over 1,300 churches answered a call to stand up against human trafficking in Norway, raising nearly $4.5 million for the cause in just one day.

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), which mobilized the churches on March 15, reported record numbers in donations for its one-day, door-to-door Lenten fundraising campaign. After a long night of counting funds, it said the total stood at nearly $4.5 million, a 20 percent increase from the year before.

Norway is one of those “enlightened” European nations that legalized prostitution. Now, for some unexplained reason they are having a problem with Norwegian women and children being sold as sex slaves. Rather than admitting that they've normalized immorality and are reaping the inevitable results, they're going to throw some money at the problem, and see if it will go away. Oh, and it is the Churches in Norway that are trying to do something, however futile, not the government, nor the Liberals who legalized prostitution.

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Cheese-eating, surrender monkey's -- who hate Jews

From the UK Telegraph:

The rise in anti-Semitism and vicious racism in France was thrown into shocking relief yesterday by a report showing the number of attacks at its highest level for years. 

Eight months after the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, provoked uproar by urging all French Jews to emigrate, France's human rights commission (CNCDH) noted that almost two thirds of last year's incidents were against Jewish targets.

In some of the worst cases a teenager was stabbed outside his school, swastikas were daubed on tombstones and arsonists attacked a railway carriage commemorating French Jews sent to their deaths in Nazi camps.

Note that the Telegraph blames Ariel Sharon, not the anti-Semites for the violence. Apparently England is only slightly behind France in their mad dash to the Fourth Reich.

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...because words mean something

“Maybe it's a sin not to send someone to heaven.” -- Florida state Senator Nancy Argenziano.

Supporters of euthanasia argued for the legality and morality of killing someone on the floor of the US House of Representatives Sunday, invoking religious phrases and emotional wording to rationalize the intentional taking of another human life.

The next day in Minnesota, a troubled high schooler, whose father had committed suicide and mother was laying in a coma due to a traffic accident, took them at their word. He grabbed a gun, killed his grandparents, then headed to school.

At school he killed a guard near the medal detector, then entered a classroom and began systematically “sending people to heaven” as Nancy Argenziano puts it. He asked one boy “Do you believe in God?” when the boy replied that he did, the shooter killed him.

By the time police had arrive he'd killed a teacher and five students, that's in addition to his grandparents and the guard at the door of the school. He also had injured at least 14 more, two of which died later at the hospital. In an exchange of gun fire with police, the boy eventually took his own life.

I wonder if Nancy is happy that her words were able to sway someone.

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This just in: Google still stupid!

Michelle Malkin comments on Google's continued stupidity. This time they've listed a Neo-Nazi website as a “news source” while still blocking blogs such as Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin. 

also on: Blogs for Bush, Little Green Footballs

(Note: the term Neo-Nazi is usually meant to refer to modern day Nazis. A new term will have to be coined for pro-death Liberals who are opening the door to Nazi-like exterminations of those they deem “unfit”. Maybe neo-neo-nazis?)

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