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March 11, 2005

A noble gesture, nonetheless

From the Christian Communications Network:

Statement from Gloria Allred, Attorney-at-Law, Representing Robert Herring, Sr.:

We are here today to announce that our client, Robert Herring, Sr., is making an offer to Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo, which could save Terri's life....

Mr. Herring is a successful, socially responsible entrepreneur who spent more than 30 years in the electronics industry as the founder and owner of HERCO Technology. In 2000, Mr. Herring sold HERCO Technology to a New York Stock Exchange listed firm. 

In 2003, Mr. Herring founded WEALTHTV, a lifestyle and entertainment television channel. He is a supporter of and a believer in stem cell research and the medical breakthrough that are occurring in this area. He is married with 5 children and 19 grandchildren and lives in the San Diego area.

He recognizes that unless something is done immediately, Terri Schiavo is not likely to survive very long after March 18th. Knowing that time is of the essence and realizing that he is fortunate enough to be able to help, he has decided to take action.

He contacted me and retained my law firm to convey the following offer to Terri's husband. If Mike Schiavo agrees to transfer the legal right to decide all of Terri's current and future medical desicions to Terri's parents, then Mr. Herring will pay Mr. Schiavo the amount of 1 million dollars (subject to court approval of Terri's parents as her conservators or guardians).

The million dollars was deposited into my law firm's client trust account yesterday and this morning we communicated this million dollar offer in writing to Mr. Schiavo's attorney. 

This offer will remain open until Monday, March 14, 2005 at 5:00 p.m.

Terri's parents already offered to allow him to keep the entire settlement, if he'd turn custody over to them. Michael Schiavo not only refused, in a publicity gimmick he made the same offer to them, if they'd no longer attempt to prevent him from having her killed. 

It's not about the money. If Terri is allowed to recover she could implicate him in his assault on her, and he could go to prison. 

Then there's the matter of Judge George Greer. He's now neck deep in this, and if Michael tried to take the money, and Terri recovered, Greer is exposed for the heartless, inhumane monster he is.

(coverage: Hyscience, What Attitude Problem, National Ledger, Vista, Digital Brown Pajamas)


BPNews reports:

At a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sen. Sam Brownback, R.-Kan., said a new bill to aid the disabled Florida woman is on an expedited route and has the potential for immediate Senate passage. Senators are being asked if they object to the bill, the Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act, with the hope that a unanimous consent agreement might be reached on the bill, he said.

Schiavo's feeding tube is scheduled to be removed March 18 after which she would die within days of dehydration and starvation.

“If there is no objection to it, it could pass even yet today,” Brownback said. “That may or may not happen.”

The House of Representatives has a similar consent mechanism, Brownback said, but it is uncertain how quickly it will act on the measure.

The legislation would give Schiavo and other incapacitated people the legal protections often associated with death row inmates. The measure is based on the “writ of habeas corpus,” which provides the effected person the opportunity for a court review to determine if his/her due process rights have been protected.

The bill is S. 539 in the Senate and H.R. 1151 in the House. Sen. Mel Martinez, R.-Fla., and Rep. Dave Weldon, R.-Fla., are the lead sponsors.

Greer and Michael Schiavo have to be sweating over this. What's interesting are all the comments about how worried George Felos, the drooling death lawyer, is. Felos has bilked Terri for about half a million dollars, and if she lives, loses nothing (unless a new guardian sues). Even then, he's got publicity exposure and could easily afford to pay back the money. Michael and Greer are the ones who've staked their future on Terri's execution.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 11, 2005 01:52 PM

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I think you are mistaken on the assault hypothesis. Here's why:

First, after 15+ years, even if Terri is sufficiently rehabilitated and even if your presumption is true, no court would convict based on the word on a brain damaged person without compelling circumstantial evidence (which does not exist).

Secondly, the accusation is false. For years after the collapse, the Schindlers had no suspicions of Michael. It was not until they were at odds that this accusation began to surface. Then, consider the facts of the matter. Michael was the one that sought help while Terri was still alive. If not for this, she would be dead. No bruises, no heartbeat, but still breathing ..... this makes no sense that this is the result of an assault.

The other facts of the matter make this even more clear. Note that the much hyped bone scan show damage to the load bearing joints such as the ankles. This is not assault -- this is a systematic problem.

The pro-Terri folks got this point badly wrong. It is devestating to their credibility.

Posted by: Paul Deignan at March 14, 2005 10:12 AM

BTW, there is another interesting aspect of this latest news. That is that Felos made the statement that he was previously offered ten million.

This is an obvious lie. If he had a credible offer of ten million, then he would have publicized it earlier. Even now, where is the proof of the offer?

Why would he lie? Because he is vulnerable on this account. The one million dollar offer must be within striking range of the target.

Let's see how this develops. There may be other monetary issues such as rights that are hard to calculate. We still have no thorough accounting of the possible monetary interests.

Remember, this disagreement started with the money (after the settlement), it is still about the money. Bet on it.

Posted by: Paul Deignan at March 14, 2005 10:19 AM

That he sought help is a weak argument. Had he been physical with her and she lost consciousness, he would have panicked and tried his best to look the concerned husband.

Where is the information coming from about "load bearing bones"? Why would that matter, anyway. It still suggests foul play, and was still hidden.

There were no bruises reported, but the police did a sloppy job of investigating, so much so a jury found malpractice where the medical review board didn't.

All the time between Michael preventing investigation and the proper authorities refusing to bother to investigate, nothing is done. The lack of inaction is now being used as "evidence" that it's just now being brought up. The bone scan was brought up as soon as it was found -- but the Schindlers were ignored by the authorities.

Posted by: Jack at March 14, 2005 04:01 PM

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