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March 18, 2005

“No, really, it's raining. It just looks yellow.”

From WorldNetDaily:

Warning of divine retribution and possible violent protest, evangelical Christians and rabbis from the United States have joined forces with ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel to fight plans to hold an international gay festival in Jerusalem this summer. 

News sources report the WorldPride Parade, last held in Rome in 2000, is a 10-day event including street parties, workshops and a gay film festival. Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox Jewish Mayor Uri Lupolianski says he is powerless to interfere as public events are licensed by the police, not City Hall. 

The sub-heading for the article is “Unusual coalition formed to sign petition opposing 10-day homosexual event”. Unusual? Have the writers and editors at WorldNetDaily never heard the term Judeo-Christian values?

As for the warning of violence, it's been a fairly predictable aspect of these “celebrations” that many of the revelers attempt to be as outrageous as they possibly can. While our culture in America has been deluged with secular humanism enough that homosexual behavior is treated as “normal” in other parts of the world it is seen, justly so, as something as deviant as pedophilia or bestiality. To shove their perversion in the face of such a devoutly religious society as that, is to beg for violence. One must wonder if that isn't exactly what they want, and are planning for.

Posted by Danny Carlton at March 18, 2005 11:19 AM

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